Total votes: 1980

With a curb-crawling serial killer targeting prostitutes, Joshua scours Auckland's underbelly to find the woman who keeps running away, before it's too late.

Total votes: 1784
s i s a k

There’s much talk about the language of love — the beauty, the poesy, the intricacy and the eloquence.

Total votes: 6496

Sam, a soft-spoken android, struggles to express his newfound feelings for his human co-worker.

Total votes: 4438
There All Along

Wes makes one last atte

Total votes: 619
Chocolate Cake

Total votes: 2200

In the forgotten outskirts of LA, a violent greaser gang is torn apart when its vicious leader makes one last promise to his dying mother.

Total votes: 323
The Story of 90 Coins

'The Story of 90 Coins' unfolds through a special promise of love and happiness made by one male passionate lover to a seemingly reluctant girl.

The Story of 90 Coins
Total votes: 6629

'Forget About It.' is a dark comedy set in Italy and it explores the relationship between Robert (American) and his wife Maggie (Italian), whom suffers from

Total votes: 10654
A Whole World for a Little World
Total votes: 716
65,5 women

To understand a recent faliure, a young man writes a statistic of everyone he ever slept with.

Total votes: 7604
Eso que llaman amor

That Called Love  is a dramatic feature film with touches of comedy that deals with couple relationships.

Total votes: 4864

A broken man, haunted by a car crash that claimed the life of his daughter, returns to the same small town where the fateful accident occurred only to discov

Total votes: 3176

David goes to find his fiance, Willa. She has left him stranded with a group of train passengers after a derailment.

Total votes: 1039
From Seoul To Jakarta

A big K-pop competition is held in Jakarta, and a fierce fight between the contestants occurs.

Total votes: 4030
Bloody Wings

A mysterious man is sent to protect a woman against her sister's attempts to have her killed. In the process, the man and woman fall in love.

Total votes: 1025

Total votes: 1031
Ankahee Baatein
Love is t
Total votes: 1224
Look In My Eyes - Episodic Full

A NYC taxi driver from Crimea meets a sober older gay man. Romance, deception, self truth and acceptance, intrigue.

Total votes: 92

Tom, a young accountant explores the world of online dating as he meticulously records, tracks, and categorizes every woman he meets in a spreadsheet.

Total votes: 59
South Bridge

Story of two young lovers in time of war. Living in a city under siege, struggling to survive.

Total votes: 85
Remember me

Pensioner Halyna has been having memory problems due to Alzheimer's disease for the last few years.

Total votes: 120

In a post-pandemic world a lonely and introspective drifter searching for a human connection encounters an unloved woman who challenges his dreary perception

Total votes: 58
Kiss - Future of a generation

Bacio - Il futuro di una generazione (Kiss - Future of a generation), set in a small Venetian town, Cittadella, tells about Lory a 25-year-old girl who immig

Total votes: 125
The Invisible Enemy

THE INVISIBLE ENEMY is a romantic dramedy written by Manish Kumar Srivastava which explores the conflict between our own desires and our heightened sense of

Total votes: 63
You Rock, Zé Perri!

In this fiction set in 1930 and inspired by real events, the legendary aviator and writer Saint-Exupéry lands in Florianópolis, in southern Brazil, to help a

Total votes: 134

A film about two brothers - Yash is a charismatic young lawyer frustrated in his pursuit of justice, while Ansh is a social recluse due to his medical limita

Total votes: 448

During the waning years of British rule, the timeless tranquility of a rural Indian village is shattered by a fateful encounter between a treasure-hunting Mu

Total votes: 220
Mad About The Boy

British born Pakistani singer and songwriter duo, Sidique and Kamaal are in love. They secretly elope and have a gay marriage in Leicester.

Total votes: 654
Speaking Daggers

Love and revenge over coffee and cakes.

Eight Shakespeare characters. Five different plays. One café. This is Speaking Daggers.

Total votes: 632
The Unattainable Story

Skene, a mysterious director agrees to adapt the work of an ambitious, sexy New York City writer, Jacqueline.

Total votes: 574
Heroes, like us

Heroes, Like Us

Total votes: 885
The Falcon

The tale begins with CAPTAIN HORATIO T. MARSH'S, ship stilled by a cracked mast.

Total votes: 595
Proverbial Luck

Idioms garnish our language, but are often hard to translate.

Total votes: 270

A film about lust, loneliness and obsession, Flamenco follows the love triangle between Camilla, Alexander and Lola.

Total votes: 259
It's About Love

A filmmaker goes searching for the secret of love, and instead meets Rick, Jane, Peter, Manna and a host of other oddballs.

Total votes: 218

A tragedic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal Sexual abuse

Total votes: 29346

Sooner or later life puts us obstacles, which we are not always able to overcome. A couple, loving each other, tried, but lost. Or maybe not?

Total votes: 305

"SUSAN" is a world premiere film.

Total votes: 1184

How important a role does tolerance, acceptance and patience play for a woman of substance looking for romance in today's political and social climate?

Total votes: 1424

After meeting the woman with whom he once lived a relationship, now married to another man, an elder relives, as a boy, the day of the first meeting with her

Total votes: 372

"Insane Love" deals with the anxitiey of today’s young people, who are isolated from each other, confined in their own realities, to the point that they need

Total votes: 370
Total votes: 900
As not to die when our eyes meet

One night, when Mark and Clara ,a couple that is not going through a good time, get ready to have dinner when a blackout lefts without electricity the city o

Total votes: 595


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