You Weren't There

YOU WEREN'T THERE follows Jesse, a young woman realising for the first time her deeper feelings for lifelong best friend, Max.

Total votes: 917
As not to die when our eyes meet

One night, when Mark and Clara ,a couple that is not going through a good time, get ready to have dinner when a blackout lefts without electricity the city o

Total votes: 595

A girl on the bus stop. A boy waiting for bus. All things can happen when two young hearts meet, But is it fate or just a coincidence?

Total votes: 1157
Don't Marry Griff

On the evening of his wedding rehearsal dinner Lyodell Archer (Steven L.

Total votes: 804

A young man trapped in the first two hours of a relationship with a troubled young woman finds himself wondering if he wants this endless night to ever end.<

Total votes: 602

An old clown has a superpower.

Total votes: 1844
The Enchanted Cottage

The Enchanted Cottage is a romantic retelling of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero’s classic play.

Total votes: 626
Infamous Man

Uninspired by the novel he is writing, a man becomes his book's character and starts cheating on his girlfriend to help him find inspiration to finish his no

Total votes: 237
Things That Were

A young man deals with his first heart-break, and finds that with the advice of others, he can overcome his lost love.

Total votes: 1847

Two closeted film stars wrestle with their desires and their cynicism before facing their public again.

Total votes: 677
Human Sexuality

An infatuated college student recounts his awkward love story to his best friend.

Total votes: 705

Two friends discuss the frustrations and nuances of dating in 2016 before discovering they have feelings for each other.

Total votes: 714
Sand Castle

After a century stuck in purgatory, a man discovers he can connect with the modern day version of his former love through her dreams, which presents her with

Total votes: 212
Major League Stripper

She strips, he pitches.

Total votes: 1375
The Art of Fighting

Not every battle is against an opponent. Winning is not always the objective.

Total votes: 278

Meet Riku, a boy who loves to collect acorns. One day, a girl named Koaki becomes interested in him.

Total votes: 2002
Fernweh-The Ache for Distant Places

A German girl born in East Africa after WWI longs to go to Germany to be where she fits in, only to have her family dismantled by the wrath of Hitler's regim

Total votes: 990
Never Give Up

Based on a true life story of South African veteran, Pinky Mothie.

Total votes: 860
Take Me In Your Arms
Total votes: 206
A Ghost in Her Eyes

Traveling through canvases, cabins and time itself, a widower discovers the transformation vulnerability of true love in a bygone era.

Total votes: 547
Just My Type

Frank and Vee are having an amazing first date, until the night takes an unexpected turn...

Total votes: 548
Bright Eyed In The Mornin'

A story-based Music Video which also has an emphasis on cinematography.

Total votes: 706
The Silver Screen

Film buffs Marty and Anna come into conflict when dreamer Marty's desire to reopen the local movie theater clashes with the reality of the impending birth of

Total votes: 204
Emmott & Rowland

Emmott & Rowland were sweethearts and their story is a sad and romantic tragedy which has captured the imaginations of people who read about it.

Total votes: 403
Death Of Albine

‘Death of Albine’ is a collaborative film project between award-winning film director Mike Sharpe and British Installation Artist Rebecca Louise Law, inspire

Total votes: 225
Lost Piece

This is a meditative journey about the meaning of life, in which man and woman look beyond eternity and perfection.

Total votes: 343
Forever & Always

A couples journey through sickness and health.

Total votes: 105
One Bedroom

Breaking up is easy. Moving out is hard.

Total votes: 228
A Panic Love Story Of, A Sold Girl

A Panic love story of Syrian born girl Sarah, How she moved to US, kidnappded and brutely Destroyed.

Total votes: 1118
25 Years Later

Dr. Arya is a very successful Businessman who visits Germany to meet his Business Clients.

Total votes: 207

On the anniversary of Kevin’s husband’s passing, he decided to honor his late husband’s wishes to scatter his ashes at sea.

Total votes: 201
The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy

In the summer of 1943.

Total votes: 880

The CIA and a rogue assassin attempt to expose the source behind a corporate global intelligence ring inciting war for profit.

Total votes: 325
Marlene and Zoran

The story of a friendship that goes beyond differences.

Total votes: 250

Somewhere in remote village of 21st century Africa, so many things have changed under influence of modernisation and urbanisation.

Total votes: 696
Forbidden Truth

Web series written and directed by Elroy 'Spoonface' Powell.

Total votes: 177
Behind Some Dark Cloud

A girl grows up.

Total votes: 153
Only Stars Will Remain

Elena has a complicated life : her mother is an alcoholic, her father left them a long time ago and she feels she doesn't belong anywhere.

Total votes: 629
Moammar Emka's Jakarta Undercover

Pursuing his dreams of becoming a successful journalist, PRAS (Oka Antara), a young man from Jombang, went to Jakarta to learn from DJARWO (Lukman Sardi), an

Total votes: 735
The Heart Outright

Never is a long time. Stephen Ryder swore he would never return to his hometown in New Mexico after a tragic ordeal.

Total votes: 254
Six and a Half Kitchens

What does love mean in times like ours?

Total votes: 821

A college boy, Tsubasa in a track team often enjoys hanging out with his best friend, Makoto and Makoto’s girlfriend, Risa at a café.

Total votes: 880
Illegal Move

In a fantastical world where chess pieces are at war, an honorable White Knight must save his King from his long lost lover, the Red Queen.

Total votes: 257

After meeting at a trade show, tentative, 40-something Paul accepts the offer of a night cap from the gorgeous 20-something Julia but is she really intereste

Total votes: 132
7 Minutes

7 Minutes' is the story of the lives of a series of individuals - all taking place in real time, within the space on 7 minutes on the same night.

Total votes: 792

A woman receives a letter from a man she knows in passing; in reading the letter, she discovers her own feelings toward the man.

Total votes: 868

A man who can see previous life finds his girl at a bar, while it turns out he is a patient runs out from a hospital named 'Godlike'.

Total votes: 1675

A historical saga about the precolonial Nigerian kingdom 'Oyo'.

Total votes: 336


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