The Eastern Sea - The Fool

The Eastern Sea, Austin Texas local band, kicks ass with their new music video full of space ice cream, lights in the sky and an alien autopsy date night!

Total votes: 201
Forgive Me

A relationship at a crisis point. A love story of heartbreak or forgiveness in three minutes.

Total votes: 183
The Layover

A flight attendant on a layover in Toronto meets an aspiring life coach, sparking a debate about social issues, Millennial angst and more as he shows her aro

Total votes: 154
As the Tide Goes By | Scott Taylor 2016 Single Music Video

Music by Braver NoiseVocals Scott TaylorGuitar and Bass Tony FazioDrums Dean DalfonsoDirected By: Sophia DagherDirector of Photography: Jason ManningsStarrin

Total votes: 115

Life gives you a second chance.

Total votes: 336

A superhero romance surrounding a war waged between Capes and Masks, one of which questions his arch rivalry after the planet's inhabitants become powerless

Total votes: 169

A half-hour, single-camera workplace comedy about a small, independent wedding planning company struggling to stay afloat in the small town of Paris, TN.

Total votes: 325
Maybe you can even sense our lifestyles are probably comparable: I simply am not there

The piece is a portrait of a narcissist. His boss and young colleagues admire him and his ex-wife, mistress and girlfriend tell their view of him.

Total votes: 823
Towards the Sun

This is a story about two social outcasts who help each other and make new goals in a road trip.A man loses his house and is forced to live in his truck.

Total votes: 1173
What Separates Us

A young brawler meets a beautiful artist and must weigh the choice between his support system and the pursuit of his dreams.

Total votes: 161

Love while you can.

Total votes: 170
The Attendant

In an isolated petrol station, a hapless and hopeless worker whiles away the night shift dreaming of a Hollywood style romance.

Total votes: 160
Thank You For Trying

An insecure serial dater and a nervous, newly single woman, only want their fumbling date to go smoothly, but their over active imaginations try to get in th

Total votes: 152
Frank & Suzie

A mute musician ever eager to express herself finds out there is more to communication than spoken language when she meets a blind tailor...

Total votes: 384
The last Picture

“Imagine going over the same routine again and again on every day of the full moon. Doing this for more than 30 years that routine becomes all you live for.

Total votes: 218

Love, debt and lawyers - what could pssibly go wrong?Verity is a modern rom/com drama inspired by William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.

Total votes: 184
Games For Big Kids

A young receptionist and her husband are having some reproductive problems, but their squabbles can't compete with the misadventure of an even younger, immat

Total votes: 161
Rejected: Connect (129 pgs w/AuthorInfo)

A 19-year-old want-to-be artist discovers a disturbing secret kept by his mother and searches for meaning in New York City.

Total votes: 310

Anaphora, is the story of a love that transcends time. A wandering poet and a young woman recognize each other after life time in which they have never met.

Total votes: 289

This is a portrait of Lex: A seventy-year-old, Filipino artist who is currently homeless in New York City.

Total votes: 319
Two Birds

Ellie and Rose like each other. Like the fall in love, and go on dates, and sail across the ocean on a yacht and stare into the other eyes kind of like.

Total votes: 238
Kissing Cousin

A love for a cousin, deeply engraved in childhood. Twelve years later, a stopped heart begins to beat again.

Total votes: 895
Timeless Guilt

Timeless Guilt is a suspense - When a father (Darnell Williams) is walking home with his daughter, he witness two men kidnapping a little girl.

Total votes: 255

What if you could know everything about a potential partner all before the first date?

Total votes: 255

Experimental short film about a couple from two different worlds.

Total votes: 234

A girl decides to go against her parents wishes and not go to the college she was accepted into.

Total votes: 522


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