Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum

A disparate group of mystical misfits intertwine with an otherworldly, genderless apparition through fantastic and carnal dreamscapes.

Total votes: 532
I Don't No

An event planner offers to coordinate her ex-husband's wedding for a reality show in order to prove to everyone that she's over him.

Total votes: 131
My Love Sinema

A young filmmaker discovers the touching life story of a retired cinema projectionist and his unending love for his teacher.

Total votes: 824

Anything can happen in the world of online dating, and everything does when a mismatched couple meets on an ill-fated blind date.

Total votes: 203

Seconds after the wedding ceremony, a bride is stunned to learn that her new husband fudged nearly everything he told her about his past, his family, and his

Total votes: 159
Faith's Gambit

When two unconventional thinkers meet, and distill the complexity of climate change down to different personal truths, their blossoming emotional and spiritu

Total votes: 153
Girl recruits her 'GOD'

Yuri is beautiful and popular high school girl. But she has another dark side.

Total votes: 336

Slingshot is an analogy on modern love through the eyes of one of its latest victims.

Total votes: 211
Uber Single

Just when it seems like it nothing could get worse, Erica picks up her ex and his new girl while driving for a ride share company one night.

Total votes: 146

A young woman tries to recover from what seems like a breakup with her boyfriend of 7 years.

Total votes: 153
Wicked Game

Make me dream of you... This is a fantastical video sequence about a woman who dreams of her perfect lover.

Total votes: 195

A scientist studies romance in a chimpanzee laboratory.

Total votes: 316
Friend Zone

Rickie, a love-hungry college student, fights to change himself enough to escape the Friend Zone and become more than 'just-friends' with the love of his lif

Total votes: 129
Technically sweet

Blue Dome Productions – some notes about us:Established in 2015, Blue Dome is a self-styled media production company comprising writers, composers, directors

Total votes: 576

Andree drives drunk during his first date with Shira. He asks her to invite him up to her flat for coffee.

Total votes: 365
'1, 2, 3... You Please'.

A successful young woman, Jesse, struggles to lead a normal life with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Total votes: 213
The Happiness Diary

Confidence has never really been Tash's thing, but when she meets a handsome stranger who's willing to teach her a few life lessons, she begins to discover t

Total votes: 303
WhatsApp message from beyond

3 Min. Shortfilm: Drama/ Mistery

Total votes: 450
The Wedding Pact_TV Sitcom

As their thirty-fifth birthdays approach, two best friends are confronted with a wedding pact they made many years ago and are encouraged by friends and fami

Total votes: 393
Squad_TV Sitcom

The misfit members of a local Swimming Club come to terms with adding a new, competitive member to the Squad.

Total votes: 339
Rose Haven Resort_TV Sitcom

Enter at your own risk. With spring sprung and loins longing, the mating season at Rose Haven Resort resumes.

Total votes: 310

What would you do if you had over three hundred broken bones all before your thirtieth birthday?

Total votes: 267
To Have and to Hold

'To Have and to Hold' follows a couple starting from when they meet in high school until their middle aged years, focusing on the turning points that make th

Total votes: 197
The Orchid Season(27min)

This is a short film about old people.

Total votes: 421
High Desert

A lover’s camping trip takes a bizarre and unexpected turn in the Mojave Desert, revealing a new dimension where dreams become reality.

Total votes: 195
The Falls: Covenant of Grace

This third and final film of the Falls trilogy revisits former Mormon missionaries Chris and RJ, six years after they first fell in love and were disciplined

Total votes: 176
Doctors Without Boundaries

A young man goes out of his way to impress a beautiful woman at the airport … with unexpected results.

Total votes: 163

A drama-comedy about love, loneliness and jumping to conclusions.

Total votes: 385
The Other Side Of Love

Sometimes love is about the choices we make.

Total votes: 195

A man feels that he had been fighting but was defeated and is today in a state of confusion.

Total votes: 189
A Journey

This is a story about love and how we often take it for granted.

Total votes: 187
Don Fernando

This video is part of a short films collection created by the Argentinian Tango dancer and master Elina Roldán, who lived and experienced the real traditiona

Total votes: 380

Seeking solace from her domineering fiancé, a traumatized bride-to-be searches for an artist who appears to be drawing her erotic, ominous fate.

Total votes: 142
Lucky Chicken

A quirky silent romantic comedy about a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker... and a magic chicken.

Total votes: 150
A Hole to China

Winner of 4th place and Best Actress (Valynn Turkovich) at the Marietta International Film Festival's 24 Hour Film Race.

Total votes: 225

A man develops an intimate relationship with a female android.

Total votes: 202
Finish Line

Closed off to the idea that a guy will ever like her, Meyer finds herself at a crossroads when she falls for Nick.

Total votes: 255

A portrait of life in its crudest form focusing on the scariest fear there is: loneliness.

Total votes: 285

Sometimes life doesn't work according to your 'master plan'.

Total votes: 369
Where is Wang Hao?

Three friends must journey across China to find their missing classmate and retrieve their final movie project files from him before the deadline.

Total votes: 505

There's one week left until graduation. Everybody is hung up on getting a job. But all He want is a girlfriend.

Total votes: 1093
Memory of Spring

The day just started. another day like yesterday. The time have changed. The youthful naive college student has now become a mother of two.

Total votes: 679

One Big City ~Two Big Hearts

Total votes: 260
Lilies' Talk

Lilies' Talk is a feature length documentary film following the lives of 12 young Chinese lesbian/bisexual girls who live in Beijing, Chengdu and New York.

Total votes: 295
Going the Distance

Love can find us anywhere but sometimes it calls for us to go the distance.

Total votes: 139

NunnUnarvu is an Indian Tamil romantic thriller. The story involves a dentist trainee going to Australia for his exam. He experience unexplained feelings.

Total votes: 497
It's not that I don't love you

A young lesbian couple fights the monster of unspoken words.

Total votes: 481
The Last Train

Anthony and Rain are strangers who have chosen this night to die, but when an argument prevents them from jumping in front of the same train they are forced

Total votes: 211


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