Love,Daggers and Bullets

Mix all Three and it's a Recipe for Disaster.

Total votes: 244

A young actress is mistaken for a famous celebrity. She has to decide if she is going to go for it or be her self to fall in love!

Total votes: 1703

A micro-budget ensemble drama about the anxiety of modern love and life among friends in a big city.

Total votes: 233
Curiosity, Adventure & Love

One woman’s journey through a century of love, war and discovery.Curiosity, Adventure & Love is a the story of a woman raised by fate to go boldly where

Total votes: 758
'Don't Sell My Guitars'

A beloved country musician whispers a final request to his wife.

Total votes: 608
Old Time Girl

When an intimacy phobic young woman's grandmother died leaving her an orphan, she refused to leave the old age home, moving in and winning over the gang of

Total votes: 155
It's Complicated

In a family-centered culture with a lopsided number ratio, dating in the Mormon community can be, well, complicated.

Total votes: 152
Broken Strings

Waiting for a flight, a couple about to be torn apart by ambition discuss the future of their relationship.

Total votes: 265
Una Noche En Mexico

One story, one script, one cast, one location two languages.

Total votes: 292
Despite the Falling Snow

Moscow, 1959: Katya is a spy for the Americans.

Total votes: 213
TURKEY FOOLS DAY (aka The Outcasts)

Turkey Fools Day (aka The Outcasts) is a psychedelic, animated tale of a hilarious ensemble of cohabitating, highly sensitive misfits (HSPs), who try to make

Total votes: 259
After Party

Young, up-and-coming photographer, LANA, begrudgingly attends the party of a pretentious and cool gallery owner in the hopes of meeting a respected dealer wh

Total votes: 119

A silent stage actor slowly realises how empty and lonely his life choices are.

Total votes: 248
The Accident

A broken spirited Charlie meets someone who changes his view on life. Destiny keeps telling him this love won't work and that it's too much of a gamble.

Total votes: 123
That New Android Smell

Dating is always hard, but just try it with a Robot, it can get complicated.

Total votes: 149
Saint No One

A man struggles to cope with the many changes of his life.

Total votes: 181

A lowly Highlander descendant writer in New Zealand is challenged to lift his prospects and circumstances when his publisher tasks him with writing the brave

Total votes: 166
Forbidden Melody

Inside the elite society of 1952 Quito-Ecuador, a free spirited woman is stuck in an abusive relationship with her husband.

Total votes: 442
Box Home

It shows the daily routine of a couple and a change of their life.

Total votes: 205
Keep Coming Back

Laney and Cal have just had the best career night of their lives, but the morning after all is not as it seems.

Total votes: 205
Something Blue (L'opera del Bachelor)

A young Reality TV couple's operatic journey from fairy-tale marriage to real-life detachment.

Total votes: 174
The Switch

A suicide awareness passion project, showing how someone could think suicide is the best answer. Done by the Corbiserie Brothers.

Total votes: 220

Revenge, breeds murder. A Forensic Anthropologist finds her life in danger when she uncovers her family’s mysterious past.

Total votes: 374
Love 40

Music rules in southern Louisiana, but when a young picker discovers the game of tennis his life is forever changed.

Total votes: 1207
The love of Kunlun Mountains

Li Peng with his grandfather's relics to recall the memory in Kunlun montains in 50s,which happened between paramilitary commander and the local political pr

Total votes: 397
Huerta de San Vicente

A homage to Federico Garcia Lorca by artist/musician/songwriter Patricia Vonne.

Total votes: 407

A Moroccan road movie looking for Boujemaa love . The transforming journey of a man on his way to meet the lady he wants from Morocco to CORSICA.

Total votes: 1290

A webseries about the most terrifying stage for actors: the casting call.

Total votes: 343

Keith (46) looks for his father's footprints (deceased a few years ago) by the testimony of five women in three continents.

Total votes: 215
If You Dare Desire ...

In February 2011, two girls Swapna and Sucheta commit suicide in Nandingram, West Bengal, India. Their bodies remained unclaimed by family and society.

Total votes: 466
Together Forever

Together forever is a black comedy about a long-suffering wife who must show a film crew, her relationship is abusive or be trapped in the relationship forev

Total votes: 118
Baviera's Jar

Otilia Martínez Salgar is a Felliniesque character.

Total votes: 418
A Flock of Birds

A dead woman tells us the passionate secret she has kept all her life.

Total votes: 207
A Rose

Mia questions 'being a woman' as a category, while Petia simply wants to love Mia.

Total votes: 668
The Fish In The Water

A gifted young swimmer, finds the opportunity to get out of the circumstances he used to live in and has a chance to show his skills and win the medal.

Total votes: 305
A Godly Manner

A morose doctor unthinkingly falls for his mysterious patient, until he slowly discovers she is not all who she appears to be.

Total votes: 218
Boring I Love You

5 differently abled students come together to celebrate love in a unique language.

Total votes: 313
OPEN WOUND the Ueber - movie

OPEN WOUND is an enigmatic erotic thriller: A man and a woman are on their way to a pool party.

Total votes: 338
The Neighbor

In a mexican island off the coast of the pacific, Raul lives in a two story apartment building.

Total votes: 493
Harry's File

A comedy with dramatic elements, Harry's File is the story of an alienated, bitter man’s life that gets turned completely upside down when he is forced to re

Total votes: 184
A World Turned Upside Down

On the day President Richard Nixon would announce his resignation a 17 year old Tennessee boy awakes to his parent's murder-suicide which causes him to runaw

Total votes: 170
Mr. Right

A not-so-typical meeting of a boy and a girl on the streets of New York.

Total votes: 102
Gaelic Curse

Gaelic Curse is a Romantic Irish Comedy to be shot in Ireland featuring an all Irish Cast and Crew.

Total votes: 649

After a string of failed relationships, successful career woman Kate gets the chance via a magical Groupon to rekindle romance with the love of her life -- h

Total votes: 186

The film is the first of the “Trilogy of ᴎ” where the main subjects are loneliness and alienation.

Total votes: 192
One Day Home

Reeling from the implosion of her marriage, Frida embarks on an epic quest: finding the perfect mattress to launch her new life.

Total votes: 170
Root Beer Float

Root Beer Float is set in 1949 and spans over 35 years as a young woman, Elizabeth, longs to run far away from her abusive home and falls into the arms of Jo

Total votes: 287

I actually wanted to talk more.The last ten seconds.What should we say to our loved ones before they disappear?

Total votes: 428


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