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The Invisible Enemy


THE INVISIBLE ENEMY is a romantic dramedy written by Manish Kumar Srivastava which explores the conflict between our own desires and our heightened sense of responsibility in the age of news overload and social media virtue signalling. Jay is a carefree young man who sticks to the rules - If he agrees with them. He is deeply in love with his girlfriend Stacy. When the UK government responds to the Covid-19 pandemic by placing the entire country in lockdown, Jay and Stacy are forced to keep their distance. However, Jay is determined not to let the crisis stop his plans of surprising Stacy with something special for her 21st birthday. As their mutual friends gather online to throw Stacy a virtual birthday party, Jay is nowhere to be found... * The arts industry has been crippled by this pandemic, and have been left in a dire situation due to the lack of external support systems that are supposedly in place. However, the creative team behind this project have lifted themselves from what seems like an unending challenge to create this amazing feature. Thereby, demonstrating the resilience of the arts and their ability to fight back .




Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Manish Kumar Writers: Manish Kumar Producers: Key cast: Bethany-Jane Christian, Manish Kumar, Heather Elise Nelson, Emma Riches, Jamie Sordyl, Nicolina Papas, Henry Shakespeare

Total votes: 17

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