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Interior Teresa


Interior Teresa is a re-imagining of St. Teresa of Avila and set modern-day. It centers on Teresa and Major, two teenagers who both don’t really know how they feel about God, especially Teresa who’s started having strange visions. When they meet on a Sunday afternoon, both stuck cleaning the church sanctuary, they spend the afternoon opening up about their experiences with spirituality and sex. As the day progresses, both move toward their own epiphanies, encompassing their vices and also the free price of love. For Teresa, these realizations may come in an unusual form.

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Director Statement

I’ve always had a problem with sex and religion. Growing up in Texas in a neighborhood where everyone and their dog went to church on Sunday, I always felt a disconnect. My friends and I would party the night before and show up to service hung over like it was nothing. I was sexual, curious and I also very much believed in God. But since my sexual escapades weren’t exactly acceptable, I hid them. I felt shame. As I grew older, I wondered why can’t a woman be sexual and also of God? I always land back at marriage and chastity and the same argument. But in today’s culture, where technology is rapidly evolving us and the classic nuclear household is declining…does it all work? Does the bible make sense anymore and are the rules outdated? 

Then, about two years ago, I read about St. Teresa of Avila. Not only did she have visions from God, but she also viewed spirituality as something innately sensual. She viewed it as ecstasy. Ultimately, she re-defined God for herself. It was about her personal relationship with her higher power instead of placating others. I dove into her book about inner spiritual cultivation, “Interior Castles” that stressed the patience and craft of re-building the soul from the ground up. I wondered, this young woman who lived in the 1500s, what would her story be like modern day? What would it look like if a girl cried wolf, or God? What was the interior of Teresa? 

I believe, in today’s culture, that 

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A film by Meredith Alloway


Directed by: 
Meredith Alloway
Writing credits: 
Meredith Alloway
Kara Young Jake Cannavale Matthew Shear Miles Garber
Produced by: 
Meredith Alloway Co-Producer- Catherine Fordham Line Producer- Eleanor Wilson
Music by: 
Danny Bensi Dylan Nowik
Cinematography by: 
Elle Schneider
Film Editing by: 
Adam Boese
Casting by: 
Meredith Alloway Danielle Beckman
Art Direction by: 
Mabel Nash-Greenberg
Costume Design by: 
Kelly Callahan
Makeup Department: 
Candice Crawford
Production Management: 
Gabriela Granda
Other crew: 
Gaffer: Josh Fordham
Release Date: 
Tuesday, January 31, 2017
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