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65,5 women


To understand a recent faliure, a young man writes a statistic of everyone he ever slept with.

As he tries to simplify all of his affairs into simple characteristics the memories start to take over, leaving him to face the only one he truly wanted.

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Femmina Internasjonale Film festival 2016
London International Film Festival 2016
Short Stop International Film Festival, UK 2016
StoneFair International Short film Festival, Romania 2016

Directed by: 
Liv Mari Mortensen
Writing credits: 
Written / directed by: Liv Mari Mortensen Based on a poem by: Alexander Fallo
Pernille Elise Jørgensen Martin Øsmundset
Produced by: 
Liv Mari Mortensen Co-produced by Karl Gunnar Schmidberger Karlsen
Cinematography by: 
Per Georg Krokstad
Film Editing by: 
Liv Mari Mortensen / Iris Jenssen Nylændet
Art Direction by: 
Silje Marie Vinje
Set Decoration by: 
Silje Marie Vinje
Production Management: 
Karl Gunnar Schmidberger Karlsen
Release Date: 
Saturday, October 1, 2016
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Total votes: 6772

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