Human Interest

Spirit of the Bull

This is a story of an epic bullfight and a legendary bull known as El Toron. In the event of this his death his entire bloodline has won their freedom.

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In Dependence

In Dependence is a film about a middle aged couple trying to balance their lives in the riptide of

alcoholism and co-dependency.

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Surf the internet means confronting ourselves with others. What is the effect of social networks on people? To which extent are we still individuals?

DisConnected poster
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Try A Little Tenderness

Total votes: 37071
Nobody Dies Here

Total votes: 1896

An Asian American finally learns to embrace her ethnic heritage while growing up in America.

Total votes: 85

Add Poster Image While the kids in my class went to the local country club, I went to swim with the amputees.

Total votes: 2681
Dichotomy Brewing: A Keith R. Booker Story
    Total votes: 32952

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