One Day Home

Reeling from the implosion of her marriage, Frida embarks on an epic quest: finding the perfect mattress to launch her new life.

Total votes: 170
The Girl Next Door

An unraveling teen grapples with her lifelong hidden love for her terminally ill best friend and the ghost of her dead dad — and must find the drive to survi

Total votes: 183

Set over one day and told through memories Always follows Sam who is struggling after the death of his beloved mother Emma.

Total votes: 180
Swing State - feature film

A bohemian Seattle DJ uses his on-air charisma to create a fictitious conservative radio personality becoming an overnight sensation.

Total votes: 592
'Skin on Skin'

“Skin on Skin” is a short film about the dreams that lie just beneath our skin.

Total votes: 499
Get Married or Die

A retired cop walks into a photo studio, points a gun at the playboy owner and forces him to propose to the next woman who enters his shop.

Total votes: 231

A desperate actress unwittingly cons a serial killer.

Total votes: 260
The two women of my life

A man that reunite with the love of his childhood forty years later in a nursing home where their mothers are.

Total votes: 238
The Lies We Tell

A man is having an affair, and every single sentence is a lie.

Total votes: 164

A spineless guy with a crippling fear of commitment starts dating his insane and insectile roommate.

Total votes: 220

What will you sacrifice for happiness?

Total votes: 264

Knowing too much about someone can prove too much to bear and can cost everything.

Total votes: 187

A couple get involved in an euthanizing scheme when the wife decides to end her life after finding she has a rare disease.

Total votes: 133
Mirage of Love

a magnificent love story with great poetic scenes takes place in a mining town in Chile's Atacama Desert in the nineteen twenties.

Total votes: 417

An experimental romantic adventure.

Total votes: 600
30 Year Deal

Lindsey is celebrating her 30th birthday, but when a friend from high school shows up with a proposition, things get weird.

Total votes: 106
Turtle Love

Inspired by artists who land dates through their craft, a nerdy hipster tries to do the same even if it means changing who he is.

Total votes: 195
Edge of Spring

When first breakup comes to a girl, her emotional changes during one day.

Total votes: 877
Crossing Fences

1974, a young East-German couple is desperate to leave their restricted, communist lives behind and attempts to escape into the West on a hand-made boat acro

Total votes: 469
The Hike

The moment when you 'run' into the ex, unexpectedly, how you behave with all that is unsaid running through your head and then the acceptance of moving on.

Total votes: 181
Mina Tobias: Kings & Queens

Street kid, Mina Tobias, dreams for just one night that she and her true love, Wally Pham, will be King and Queen.

Total votes: 180
Arcade Girl

'Arcade Girl' is a surreal short film about a girl named Darcey who is obsessed with winning and is known to be the best arcade player.

Total votes: 265
He And Rock & Roll

A story about a 1970s' American rock band and the love that grows between two men - the lead singer and the guitarist.

Total votes: 205

Life is a starting point and an end point.The film tells the return trip or thirty Moroccan immigrants from the emigrate country to their home country in a

Total votes: 618
I'll see you in my dreams

'In your dream or my dream?'Will the wishes of two wandering souls reach each other?This is a love story about 'premonition of encounter'.

Total votes: 224
Born Guilty

What happens when you secretly pay someone to romance your Mom?

Total votes: 124
In Memory of Daniel Lee

Daniel is the last of his kind, a noble man. What awaits him for his noble deeds when he passes on? Is it good, or bad?

Total votes: 215
Half the Perfect World

When solid and steadfast hat maker Lily (Heather Lind) is seduced by her boyfriend’s cousin Daniel (Ryan O’Nan), her seemingly perfect world is turned upside

Total votes: 208

Forgiveness, is the missing peace.

Total votes: 281
The Hand with a Mind of its Own

He invited her over for dinner.

Total votes: 219
kiss 20/20

When the hindsight of love suggests that the one you’ve been looking for has been beside you all along.

Total votes: 199
A Thin Line Between Love & Time

A Prince and Princess wake up to find they've time traveled to New York City and now have to find each other again, while not losing theirselves in the proce

Total votes: 133
The Red (2016)

Set in 1984, Walid O'Connell, a young Arab Christian and Liverpool fan, is tricked into sneaking across war-torn Beirut to ask Hezbollah to screen the Cup Wi

Total votes: 320
The Parsnips Gang

The El Cerritos Drug & Porn Industries are dead!

Total votes: 231

Pixie's party-filled, promiscuous existence is turned on it’s head when a mysterious young boy turns up in her seaside town at the dying end of the summer.

Total votes: 261

Lily and Harry are a match made for heaven.

Total votes: 187

Love awakens near you.

Total votes: 680
The Boy Who Rode The Dragon

An estranged couple put their differences aside so they can go treasure hunting for a legendary cache of Chinese gold stolen by the Japanese in the dying day

Total votes: 263
The Time Machine

Find. Your. Self.

Total votes: 198
Sheep in Fog

Film Director Ted destroys everything he touches, including the women in his life.

Total votes: 333
My Lover Never Came

An exploration of the stages of madness caused by an unrequited desire. A quest for love, identity and a connection.

Total votes: 678
The Secret of Spring

An exploration of love unfolding.

Total votes: 153
A Whisker Past Midnight

A furry tale of peril on the high seas--two Jewish mice face down a pack of Nazi rats masquerading as an ocean liner crew.

Total votes: 789

“DASEIN” is a non linear, post modern, meta-narrative film.

Total votes: 619
Greek Surf

Brilliant, beautiful and iconoclastic twenty-eight year-old philosophy professor Cali Shaw reluctantly returns to the raw Santa Cruz surf community in which

Total votes: 596
Ana and Anthony in Love

Art and life intersect as musicians Ana and Anthony fall for each other, pulling Ana away from her boyfriend, Eddie.

Total votes: 113
In Memory Of

This is a story of loss told through dance in splintered, dreamlike memories.

Total votes: 133


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