The queen of salons

This is the extraordinary tale of sixty years of our history through the adventurous social ascent of a girl coming from nowhere.

Total votes: 455
Salome, Anula. She Leaves.

The only thing worse than cheating is romanticizing it.

Total votes: 231
The Perfect Match- Rev. 3

A 60-year old casino attorney, painfully divorced, enters the scary and funny online dating world, looking for his last perfect match.

Total votes: 109
Good Business Sense

Tonight, businessman Bartholomew Braniff is making the biggest boardroom presentation of his life: a proposal of marriage to the equally industrious Claudia.

Total votes: 8970
Three August Days

The coming-of-age short THREE AUGUST DAYS follows an unlikely attraction between an Estonian girl Eva and a Russian boy Kir in the midst of the fall of Commu

Total votes: 591

A young couple’s relationship-mending getaway at her family’s remote cabin in Ukraine is sidetracked when they discover a severed finger in the woods.

Total votes: 690
Perfect Dinner

A perfectionist chief who was asked to make a proposal dessert accidentally loses the ring he is supposed to put in a cake.

Total votes: 512
Close Friends

In New York city two young women meet and become friends. Their budding relationship is soon tested.

Total votes: 207
You Can Run

Two friends enter an immersive Westworldish resort. After they ignore the requirement to leave electronics behind, deadly complications ensue.

Total votes: 1117
We'll Get Back to You

The only cure of being jobelessness, unhappy and hopelessness is friendship, life is beautiful together.

Total votes: 182

The story of a shallow man who's forced to face his inner self.

Total votes: 173
The Man with the Winged Tiger

A failed adventure novelist returns to his hometown to take over his family business and stumbles into a strange relationship with a single mom and son by de

Total votes: 1067
In Echo Park

The lives of a street punk, a millennial couple, and a Salvadoran teenager being recruited by a local gang collide, forming an interlocking story of class an

Total votes: 858

Sami is in love, but too shy to address his dream-woman Yvonne.

Total votes: 439

The story of an Iranian singer who has been far away from her homeland since many years ago, and is unable to remember anything but her childhood memories ar

Total votes: 1549

Why do some people become lovers and others not? LOVERS is a personal anchored story of three different people's experience with short-term relationships.

Total votes: 429

Three different rooms, three different moments of a complicated relationship.

Total votes: 456
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 48532

A Romanian and a NY misfit meet in Brooklyn and fall in love. But the course of true love never runs untroubled.

Total votes: 522
The Things They Left Behind

A year afte

Total votes: 749
The Things They Left Behind

A year afte

Total votes: 919
The song of the rain

In 1922, a boy met a girl in a small town in China.

Total votes: 580

A man who has lost his memory wanders the streets of Saigon until he is drawn to a mysterious woman who is somehow linked to his past.

Total votes: 5258
Only Us

Young romantics Elia and Eddie are living the fantasy of their love - until they see the reality of their lies.

Total votes: 194

A young couple in love with each other on a path through references of time.

Total votes: 144

4 intertwined stories explore the notion of love in a hotel, how important love is, to what extremes we go to make it happen, but in difference situations an

Total votes: 4583
You Are Missing From Me

A Film About Three Women lives that intersect mysteriously

Total votes: 266

Love can kill. Is it love or obsession, passion or ambition that kill us?

Total votes: 1191
Mon Amour

'Mon Amour' is a film about relationships, about the image we have of ourselves, of the other and of love.

Total votes: 388

It's a near-future America where scientists have discovered how to talk to ghosts, and the Justice Department gathers testimony from the ghosts of murder vi

Total votes: 363

Feeling an emptiness in her relationship Ana discovers sexual fire with a stranger.

Total votes: 617
Flowers and a lap of rose

One can find love in the beauty of flowers or the verses of poems.Flowers and a lap of rose is a story of an established poet and the magic of his verse.

Total votes: 211

Paul and Vanessa have just had sex. It's unlikely they'll meet again. She's funny, pretty and witty. He's still just a boy at heart.

Total votes: 286

Raphaël is 50-something and in a rut.

Total votes: 329
A Second Husband

A woman lost in a lifeless marriage gets a second chance to pursue her dreams when her boorish husband creates a double of himself in a physics experiment.

Total votes: 207
Insanely Successful

An actress' christendom to fame, forces her to learn the price of success.

Total votes: 331
Smoke & Roses

Centers on a young man living in London, we follow his struggles of running a drug dealing business and whilst balancing his love life who becomes terminally

Total votes: 558
Suddenly, piano

Three characters struggle with their fleeing reality, miss-understanding each other until there is no turning back possible.

Total votes: 553

Minny struggles to reconnect to a time in her life when she felt pure joy.

Total votes: 184
Loyalty of Dogs

Caught in the confusion of being true to his love and taking riskily opportunities, Julian finds himself in a dilemma when his decisions begin to weigh on hi

Total votes: 757
Rosemary and Juliet

A modernization of Shakespeare's classic love story

Total votes: 511
The Illustrator

An Illustrator (Frank) discovers that his drawings are coming to life.

Total votes: 327


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