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Kiss - Future of a generation


Bacio - Il futuro di una generazione (Kiss - Future of a generation), set in a small Venetian town, Cittadella, tells about Lory a 25-year-old girl who immigrated from Sicily to Veneto with her family. Lory, who has recently graduated, soon realizes that even in Veneto, as in all Italy, work situation is not the best. Understanding that, she has to look for work elsewhere. Starting to send resumes abroad, one day, unexpectedly, she receives an interesting job offer from London, finding herself split up in an important existential dilemma, leaving for London starting a new life, investing in her future looking for better job prospects and personal edification, or stay in Italy with his family, his friendships and with his love Leonardo, in the hope that things can improve and change.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Tony Morgan, Roberta Arnone, Jacopo Dotti, Fabio Finazzi Writers: Tony Morgan, Roberta Arnone, Jacopo Dotti, Fabio Finazzi Producers: Jacopo Dotti Key cast: Veronica Cortese, Salvatore Mileti, Fausto Ferraboschi, Claudia Liguori, Giada Giordano, Laura Spimpolo


Information for theatres: 

Student project: No Completion date: Shooting format: Digital Aspect ratio: Film color: Color First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 139