(See Me) I'm in Here!

(See Me) I’m in Here! is a silent film that uses human expression and the medium of dance to tell the story.

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The Beast Underneath

On the 27th of February 2016, in the city of La Baie, Quebec, the famous fisherman Marc Gagnon discovered a new species of halibut that could reach several m

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The Pineville Heist

Seventeen year old Aaron stumble

The Pineville Heist
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Taking The Bullet

Taking the Bullet f

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Robert Long and Kat

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Chocolate Cake

Total votes: 2024
Prairie Dog

A lone sheriff in t

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Fish Stew

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Krupa is a video dance that depicts the plight of our fellow inhabitants of the planet.

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Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear.

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Beyond the Limelight

Grammy Award winning violinist James Ehnes decided that for his 40th birthday he would tour every province and territory in Canada, in his most ambitious rec

beyond the limelight documentary james ehnes
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