(See Me) I'm in Here!

(See Me) I’m in Here! is a silent film that uses human expression and the medium of dance to tell the story.

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The Beast Underneath

On the 27th of February 2016, in the city of La Baie, Quebec, the famous fisherman Marc Gagnon discovered a new species of halibut that could reach several m

Total votes: 1610
The Pineville Heist

Seventeen year old Aaron stumble

The Pineville Heist
Total votes: 2650
Taking The Bullet

Taking the Bullet f

Total votes: 2112

Robert Long and Kat

Total votes: 1693
Chocolate Cake

Total votes: 1064
Prairie Dog

A lone sheriff in t

Total votes: 2525
Fish Stew

Total votes: 1540

Krupa is a video dance that depicts the plight of our fellow inhabitants of the planet.

Total votes: 2741

Millions of sand grains leap into motion by the magical tone at 2,750 Hz. Patterns arise. Shapes appear.

Total votes: 4139

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