Miss Bonita Springs 1967

A young married couple has a few things to work out.

Total votes: 128

A man and a woman's love story,About the existence of love and the feeling of life.The film tries to remove the dramatic,Remove the plot,Remove the show.Use

Total votes: 390
You Have A Nice Flight

Airlines always wish You Have a Nice Flight, but we rarely have one.

Total votes: 882
First Light

A woman, happily in love with her boyfriend of two years, finds herself questioning life choices when an old high school love suddenly appears.

Total votes: 213
Be my first

A young Japanese girl riding the train posts a message from her phone to an online thread:'I'm a high-school student and I'm a virgin, does anyone want to pa

Total votes: 412
Greetings of the day

To New Beginnings...

Total votes: 203

Robert, a professional competitive bodybuilder, returns to the stage only to be greeted by his ex-fiancé.

Total votes: 170
The Colors of Love- Episode 8

The Colors of Love is a series surrounding four equally different couples in various stages of their lives.

Total votes: 721
Street Games

Envy fills the air as a young teen finds herself at odds with her friend, as they contest over who deserves the love of their male counterpart.

Total votes: 631
Close your eyes

Change your life with auto-hypnosis

Total votes: 320

A young woman catches a water taxi to the isolated bach she has booked for a weekend in the Malborough Sounds.

Total votes: 510
The Devil I Know

A fiery preacher isn't what he seems to be, after his sins are revealed.

Total votes: 314

The short film is in to Psycological Suspense thriller Genre

Total votes: 441

A man starts to walk in his sleep, and kill his family.

Total votes: 241
Bank Robber's Serenade

Stealing someone's heart when you're shy is the hardest kind of heist, even for a professional bank robber...

Total votes: 310
5 Steps To Get Over Your EX

Based on the novel, “10 Steps To Get Over An Ex…FOR GOOD”, three lives interwine in a funny yet dramatic story about the true journey of getting over an ex.

Total votes: 467
Chocolate Pieces

Teenage best friends Hannah and Emily grow apart when Hannah tries to fit in with the cool crowd.

Total votes: 271

I've worked with a theme love and dream, that always fascinate myself.

Total votes: 610
French Toast

A beautiful woman is dumped by her boyfriend. She comes home and desperately starts drinking and takes anxiolytic drugs falling into a deep sleep.

Total votes: 343
By The Fountain

Universally understood, 'By The Fountain' captures a perfect romance - they meet at a cafe, they catch each other's eye, they love the same books, espresso t

Total votes: 262
The Provinces

In the modern family drama, 'The Provinces' focuses on Damien who is a newly released parolee trying to integrate into the workforce to pay for his son’s sch

Total votes: 259

The story of an Iranian singer who has been far away from her homeland since many years ago, and is unable to remember anything but her childhood memories ar

Total votes: 309

Darnell reflects on his life being raised by his black Jewish mother, Christian father, atheist aunt, and Muslim big brother.

Total votes: 176

A department store mannequin falls in love with a coworker, and most confront their irreconcilable differences.

Total votes: 264
No Strings Attached

After watching her marriage collapse and business go under due to a Ponzi scheme, Felice Jackson is forced to adjust to single life and gets a little help fr

Total votes: 231
Weekend Getaway

Two couples who are best friends and on their annual Weekend Getaway encounter a shocking new truth and now they all really want to getaway.

Total votes: 146
Tender Moments

A clueless single hops from bar to bar meeting women from a social dating app, finding romance and everything that surrounds it along the way.

Total votes: 162

In cosplay of the Japanese cyber diva Hatsune Miku, the director moves to Tokyo and enters the Miku fan world.

Total votes: 330

So-eun is a high-school girl living in the countryside.

Total votes: 1181
Thrust to throat

The master order to do not use the 'thrust'. But Ju-hee can't win without the 'thrust'.

Total votes: 1179
Everything for Naught

A girl on a date with a much younger guy, decides she cant date younger guys anymore.

Total votes: 341

After an accident a man must decide whether to hang on to or let go of a love he never knew.

Total votes: 200
Orange Sky

Filmed entirely on Snapchat, Orange Sky tells a familiar coming-of-age story in a new and exciting way.

Total votes: 183
She's Beyond Me

A summer night when unripe souls mix.

Total votes: 839
A Brief History Of Marriage

Long long time ago, an apeman fell in love with an female apeman.

Total votes: 566
Toute La Vie (All My Life)

Romantic comedy set in the Art Deco - Jazz style with an eerie twist.

Total votes: 358
Art Show Bingo

'Art Show Bingo' is the story of a set of very different twin brothers struggling to forge artistic careers in the face of skepticism from their father, the

Total votes: 316
Love Coinky Dink

Absolutely, most definitely, worst case scenario...

Total votes: 344


Total votes: 376

Music Vidéo of a new artist of Montréal (Canada) 'Delacroix'. Single on radio all around Québec.

Total votes: 182
Mah e mir

Embrace your madness

Total votes: 1120
Rien Ne Va Plus - No More Bets

George is a man who goes to the local diner every day because he is in love with Sandra, the waitress.

Total votes: 181
The Boundary

Doubts about reality lead to one man's journey to the edge of the universe.

Total votes: 288
Cold Line

Everybody needs to forgive somebody.

Total votes: 744
Game Face

Nobody could have made this one up: GAME FACE is a romantic biopic and psychological thriller that features interlocking relationships spanning 70-years (193

Total votes: 221

Dark, Dirty and Damaged:Found-Footage of Imploding Memories.

Total votes: 715

When her husband is detained by the FBI, Frankie must escape the interrogation before her own secrets are revealed.

Total votes: 282
Battle of the Brides

After a Bridezilla steals his wedding venue, a meek groom must win a one-of-a-kind wedding gown to appease his overbearing fiancée.

Total votes: 158


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