3 shocking tales of horror that take you beyond fear.

Total votes: 9254

Samantha Hunter is a rebellious woman on probation of petty crimes whose father has been murdered by an unknown suspect in Florida.

Total votes: 8101
At Granny's House

"At Granny's House" is about what happens when a young lady (Rebecca) moves in to be caregiver to Granny, a little old lady in a rural USA midw

Total votes: 2038

A writer create a character in real life. Action of that character make news in papers. Make system to take action.

Total votes: 2990

Two young brothers go fishing by a lake. They run into a man, fishing on his own.

Total votes: 2888

A teenage girl attempts a daring escape from captors and life as a sex slave in this harrowing tale seen from her POV.

Total votes: 1551

The path Bruno has been driving for over 10 hours, slowly becomes tedious and strange each passing mile, causing his memories and sub-conscious to betray him

Total votes: 4281
The Rat

Total votes: 7608

Thinking Art Entertainment & Oneiric Studios present BINGE, a psychological thriller about an alcoholic and his mental struggle with sobriety.

Total votes: 3801
Red Herring

Total votes: 4150
Blood Brothers

Sibling rivalry is taken to the next level when the mirrors of a tainted house reflect the feud into the aferlife. 




Total votes: 2290

When a struggling writer poses for an 'uber-esque' driver and confronts a Hollywood Producer, a past is unveiled and a future is uncertain.

Total votes: 16101
The Pineville Heist

Seventeen year old Aaron stumble

The Pineville Heist
Total votes: 5401
Number 85

Total votes: 6348
Prairie Dog

A lone sheriff in t

Total votes: 5319

"John Fischer photographs affairs for a private investigator.

NOIROTICA the Web Series
Total votes: 3589

Total votes: 6850

A man struggles to separate the events that are real in his life, with the events that are part of his mental illness.

Total votes: 1443

During the epidemic of COVID-19, many people are facing the crisis of unemployment.

Total votes: 112

Set as a period piece, a governess falls ill in a sequestered manor.

Total votes: 122

"You better be careful. You don't want it to carry you away." Jessica is recently separated and looking for some sexual intrigue.

Total votes: 124
Writer's Block

A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content.

Total votes: 485

A tragedic couple breakup inspired in the actual, real and unfair situation countries like Venezuela and Syria are going through and the brutal Sexual abuse

Total votes: 29171

After a dream about a murder scene, a professor discovers a pregnant woman in her house. When she enters, details about the crime resurface.

Total votes: 1371

A marine falls for an assassin, sent to kill her by her ex-husband...Now he must face the consequences of his actions.

Total votes: 596
Chubby Café

Chubby is the boss of Chubby Café. She has four lovely employees: Lazy, Petty, Anger and Simple. Each of them has distinct personality.

Total votes: 897
Lost Property

Janine and Doug just want to get away for the weekend. Go for walks on the beach, eat room service, and relax.

Total votes: 629
Rest Stop

Based on the short story by Stephen King.

Total votes: 660

A Russian astronaut awakes on an ISS space module after an accident. His attention is caught by outside knockings .

Total votes: 776
Last Halloween

"After allowing her daughter to go out trick-or-treating with a group, a young Mother experiences her worst nightmare."

Total votes: 890

A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

Total votes: 1546
Kaufman's Game

Kaufman’s Game follows Stanley, an unemployed young man with a passion for boxing, who is keen to improve his strength and stamina.

Total votes: 1208

By juxtaposing images as in an assemblage the film brings two characters together, a foreign man and a girl from a Germany’s small village, that have more in

Total votes: 974

Martin never wakes up where he falls asleep.
Eva meets a man she knew on the internet, a dangerous date.

Total votes: 1194

Industry hasn’t destroyed all the sacred spaces in the world. In Hawai'i pockets of magic still exist. And so do those that protect them.

Total votes: 697
God Abandoned

Shadows chase the light Max holds onto. His past catches up to his present. He cannot hide. He cannot hide from something that has been inside.

Total votes: 614

The man lives alone with his dog.

Total votes: 1726


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