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Macbeth, the nameless


Betrayal, greed, blood and death. The moor, the witches, and an invocation to the darker energies of the universe. The physical and emotional psychic challenge of an actor from the most violent work of William Shakespeare. The imaginary of the character and reality, tasted in his own flesh. The consequences of the unreasonable ambition of the false king, and the fateful consequences for all that mortal, that tries to pronounce his name.

Traición, codicia, sangre y muerte. El páramo, las brujas, y una invocación a las energias mas oscuras del universo. El desafio físico y psiquico emocional de un actor de la obra mas violenta de William Shakespeare. El imaginario del personaje y la realidad, degustados en carne propia. Las consecuencias de la ambicion desmedida del falso rey, y las fatidicas consecuencias para todo aquel mortal, que intente pronunciar su nombre.

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World premiere

Directed by: 
Diego Campessi
Writing credits: 
Diego Campessi
Néstor Grotadaura, Romina Elvira, Juan Di lella, Luciano Brindisi, Ana Juarez, Belén Rivero, Pablo Milei.
Produced by: 
Cielo Producciones
Music by: 
Santino Gabriel
Cinematography by: 
Daniel Ring
Film Editing by: 
Javier Festa
Production Design by: 
Diego Campessi
Art Direction by: 
Belén Rivero
Set Decoration by: 
Marcelo El Hage Daoud
Release Date: 
Monday, September 11, 2017
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