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150 KG - Comedy Web-Series

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 
More than 1.9 billion adults are overweight worldwide. Our main character Dima Bublikov, is one of them, and he weighs 150 kg. Dima gave up on himself and isn’t ready to change. Once he receives a gift –"smart” talking scales. The scales are even too smart – the impudent device is mocking Bublikov in different ways. Dima can do nothing but start to lose weight in hope that the scales will finally shut up. In fact, deep down he understands that it is time to change his life.
Each episode is devoted to one of the ways to lose weight - gym, running, different sorts of diets, miracle pills, sex, psychologist, Anonymous Fat People meetings, secret knowledge, the great guru - all means are good to achieve a goal, but… Dima has one big obstacle – he isn’t ready to wait, he wants an immediate result. That’s the reason why he bungles each time he tries to lose weight using one of the methods, and it doesn’t work for him. After all, the biggest obstacle in Bublikov’s way is… Bublikov. Will he finally lose weight?
In short, if you want to lose weight, you should watch how Bublikov does it. After all, laughter also burns calories. And if somebody makes a step to a healthier life together with us, we will consider our goal as fulfilled.
Screenings / Awards: 



* BEST WEB SERIES - Largo Film Awards, October, 2016


* International Online Web Fest (IOWF), Dec, 2016

* Made For Web 3.0, Israel, Nov, 2016

* Direct Short Online Film Festival (DSOFF), Nov, 2016

* Roma Cinema Doc, Italy, Nov, 2016

* Miami Independent Film Festival, USA, Nov, 2016



Directed by: 
Yulia Maximova
Writing credits: 
Roman Rozengurt
Eugeny Kosyrev
Produced by: 
Anna Rozengurt, Roman Rozengurt, Yulia Maximova
Release Date: 
Thursday, September 15, 2016
Total votes: 18489

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