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The women newspaper / La femme papier


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Try A Little Tenderness

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Paper Kids

A part doc/part fictional look at a group of missing kids, and what might have led to their disappearances.

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Wren: Here

Music video for Australian independent artist Wren

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Everyone was feeling down and confuse

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A mysterious woman from another time appears in New York City, trying to make contact with a pianist. The woman will leav

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Physical laws are the basis of our being. In particular, the various forms of energy enable life and evolution, social communities and communication.

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“Rain“ is an audiovisual synaesthetic study that attempts to present various aspects of human perception in a concrete and an abstract sense.

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Steve Griggs Band - Drinking Texas Off My Mind

Steve Griggs Band - Drinking Texas Off My Mind

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This Is Not The Time (Be A Human) 2019

"There is evil in this world. Children under the gun. Men and women turned to dirt.

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