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In Dependence


In Dependence is a film about a middle aged couple trying to balance their lives in the riptide of

alcoholism and co-dependency.

Tuula,59, takes care of her husband Esko, who drinks a bottle of vodka each day.

Tuula herself is sober for the fourth year. Liquor has been changed to a healthier life. She has lost

weight, but the stress remains. Tuula hopes that Esko would stop drinking, but why would he

bother, when booze is brought on the table every day. Only when Esko gets seriously ill, both of

them will have to weigh their choices.

Director Henriikka Hemmi began filming her debut documentary when she met her upstairs

neighbor Tuula in the staircase of her home building. They became close friends, and for five years

the director filmed hundreds of hours of material depicting the everyday life of the couple's joys and


Despite it's heavy topic, In Dependence is a warm-hearted description of addictions, love and a

neighborhood where people take care of each other.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Henriikka Hemmi
Producers: Mouka filmi, Film i skåne, Auto images
Key cast:

Total votes: 1128

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