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Spirit of the Bull


This is a story of an epic bullfight and a legendary bull known as El Toron. In the event of this his death his entire bloodline has won their freedom. They escaped captivity in the late 1930's only to re-establish high in the mountains of Mexico's interior.


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Edwin E. Brochin
Writers: Edwin E. Brochin
Producers: Edwin E. Brochin, Deanna Sue Brochin
Key cast: Edwin E. Brochin - The Sportsman, Daniel Sada Gonzalez - Adventurer, Paco De La Garza Balli - Adventurer, Daniel Sada Dominguez - Historian/Rancher, Elva M. Dominguez - Ranch Owner, Dennis Erskine - PH/ Wild Game Expert

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