Music Video

The End

The lyrics for this song were birthed in a city that is plagued

Total votes: 1557
Try A Little Tenderness

Total votes: 75561

This is a tale where the borders between the worlds had vanished into one person.

Total votes: 4758
Wren: Here

Music video for Australian independent artist Wren

Total votes: 3723

Total votes: 2703
Broken Bird

Music video for "Broken Bird" written and performed by Ariel Undine
Directed by Joshua Westbury

Ariel Undine
Total votes: 2137
ScHoolBoy Q "JoHn Muir" ( Directors Cut )

In the music video for Schoolboy Q's modern gangster rap anthem 'John Muir', a story of reckless abandon and rebellion in the streets of Los Ange

Total votes: 9624

Director's cut of Jo

Total votes: 1134
On the Road

On the Road is Movement 5 in Joi Olympia's 'Hotel Chelsea Song Cycle.' The album is inspired by the traveling stories of historic artists who pas

Total votes: 1094
A Battling Body

A Battling Body (A Corps Battant) is the story of a fight : a one minute choreography to illustrate a whole life, a y

Total votes: 9921
Voice I Am

Voice I AM addresse

Total votes: 1849
She’s An Instagram Model

Lovable nerd Orlando will do anything to keep his Instagram model girlfriend happy, but upon meeting his cooler, richer and more handsome arch nemesis Vladim

Total votes: 171
Joseph the Spouse "Messiah Moon"

Chris Sullivan (NBC's "This is Us" Toby Damon) intimate folk ballad for his band Joseph the Spouse. Based on the namesake poem by Alex Harvey.

Total votes: 185
The First & Last Time

For 40 years, Spoons have been one of Canada’s most successful bands, and they are still going strong.

Total votes: 521
Lucky & Finnegan

Based on a live recorded song, written and composed by Ronley Teper, "Lucky and Finnegan" is a surreal short animated film narrating an adventure of mystical

Total votes: 875

When you feel it, just run. "Timing" takes you on a silly musical & visual journey through time zones.

Total votes: 1299

As the world collapses around them, humanity walks on oblivious, compulsively editing selfies and updating profiles

Total votes: 1593

A world-travelling foodie embarks on a jazz-infused journey from Italy to Spain, Japan to Brazil, but nothing could ever compare to the Korean delicacy.

Total votes: 496

A Shy college student

Star | Director: Sahar Golovaty
Total votes: 2025
Never Stop (Live Version)

Never Stop (Live Version) is the soundtrack promotional video for 'Jim' by Josephine Halbert, who produced and directed the video.

Total votes: 2058
Never Stop (Live Version)

Never Stop (Live Version) is the soundtrack promotional video for 'Jim' by Josephine Halbert, who produced and directed the video.

Total votes: 2084

Everyone was feeling down and confuse

Total votes: 2263

A mysterious woman from another time appears in New York City, trying to make contact with a pianist. The woman will leav

Total votes: 2382
The Sleeping Beauty

A father, coping with the loss of his wife, aims to keep stability in the life of his young daughter and help her realise her dreams of becoming a ballerina

Total votes: 1161

Physical laws are the basis of our being. In particular, the various forms of energy enable life and evolution, social communities and communication.

Total votes: 10939

“Rain“ is an audiovisual synaesthetic study that attempts to present various aspects of human perception in a concrete and an abstract sense.

Total votes: 10529
Steve Griggs Band - Drinking Texas Off My Mind

Steve Griggs Band - Drinking Texas Off My Mind

Total votes: 3023
Put It Down

Put it Down is a song and music video written by Maya Claridge with a power message for today's youth.

Total votes: 6472
God Has Brought His Glory to the East


Total votes: 3245
Youth Daughter


Total votes: 1003
This Is Not The Time (Be A Human) 2019

"There is evil in this world. Children under the gun. Men and women turned to dirt.

Total votes: 4354
This film is an emotional music video shot for Samia Tawil’s song « Pray ». 
Total votes: 3489

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