Everyday with Gary Bay

Total votes: 4434
A Big Love - Amore Grande

It takes place in Torino in the not so distant future. Osvaldo Caforio is an old watchmaker, who is still in love with his wife Rosetta.

Total votes: 2096

Four unlikely friends become addicted to methamphetamine, sending them on a disastrous yet hilarious roller coaster ride that will change their lives forever

Total votes: 1080
Black Cat

Struggling filmma

Total votes: 1869
Black Cat

Struggling filmma

Total votes: 1874
Fuckill: a kid of steel

Total votes: 2571

A fat man is eating his sandwich in a quiet park until a strange man sits next to him...

Total votes: 2534


Total votes: 763
'Jane' is a series of films comprising of six conversations between two men about a woman they share; both are married to a woman called Jill.
Total votes: 5065
Secret Agent Problems

They’re elite secre

Total votes: 356
You Can Come

Astronaut's wife is setting up a meeting with her lover

Total votes: 329
Happy Hour Feminism: Lipo-Draining Beer

Total votes: 703
That's Opportunity Knocking

Two wanna-be thugs with no experience, skill or clue decide to rob a girl's apartment after finding the purse she left at a bar.

Total votes: 761

Writing partners suffer

Total votes: 303

In this DC Comics f

Total votes: 3974

'Forget About It.' is a dark comedy set in Italy and it explores the relationship between Robert (American) and his wife Maggie (Italian), whom suffers from

Total votes: 10815
God's Fans
Total votes: 1574
The Traps

Sofia arrives to pick up her boyfriend (Julian).

Total votes: 3566
High Hopes 2: A New Beginning

Nothing seems to be working out for Danny Valentino.

Total votes: 2981
Web Series: The Webseries

Waiting for

Total votes: 1424
Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters
Total votes: 1608
A Crazy Family

An elementary schoo

Total votes: 1482
Banana to Papaya
"Banana to Papaya"
Total votes: 844
Speech!ess - Short Web-Stories
Short comedy stories.
Love, family, desires - all these can be base of our short stories.
Total votes: 51467
Working Late

A suspicious wife confronts her husband when he arrives home late.

Total votes: 570
Banana to Papaya
"Banana to Papaya"
Total votes: 916
Ocular Chasm

Brand new virtual reality technology at your fingertips. Ocular Chasm: The Ultimate Gasm.

Total votes: 1052
Eso que llaman amor

That Called Love  is a dramatic feature film with touches of comedy that deals with couple relationships.

Total votes: 4920
The Perils of Poor Bowling Ball Storage

Total votes: 1515
the bird

Braeking The Habit

Total votes: 2055
Sin título (Untitled)

It is a puzzling comedy about an artwork in a gallery.

Different people, different meanings, just one painting...
Total votes: 2252

Time stops around the creative people of Hamburgerkino. We can take a look at their faces and observe the situations they inhabit.

Total votes: 4684

You make things more complicated by forgetting how easy they can be. A student a goddess and a dog meet under quaint circumstances in a turned world.

Total votes: 3556
Shoot Granny (Shoot Granny)

Shoot Granny or when what seems to be a common tea time between three elderly ladies turns out to be the starting point of an eve as funny and lively as any

Total votes: 2721
Conversa (Sweet Talk)
Total votes: 1700

Paul, 10 years old, is on holiday in the countryside. At the village dance, Paul would like to invite Wendy to dance, but he is too shy.

Total votes: 1543
Crackheads (Crackheads)

Our story follows four unlikely friends, brought together by their passion for social football, who fall victim to methamphetamine.

Total votes: 1189
Show me now! (Show me now!)
Total votes: 2316
Ci sono altre cose belle (Other beautiful things)

In winter, on the beach in an unknown seaside resort , three friends spend the last day of a short holiday .

Total votes: 542

We flirt with our bodies and faces. TRUST creates a playful variation of the classical initial contact of heterosexual Europeans.

Total votes: 3220


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