When Alex is disgracefully expelled from his prestigious school, he is given a second chance to get back - to pass an extremely difficult math exam in only t

Total votes: 1077
A Bright Day

Ludovica and Alessandro are relatively young, quite pretty, and barely occupied.

Total votes: 473
Perfect Dinner

A perfectionist chief who was asked to make a proposal dessert accidentally loses the ring he is supposed to put in a cake.

Total votes: 540
Mike The Murderer

College, a place to find yourself, discover new interests, maybe kill a few classmates?

Total votes: 262
Close Friends

In New York city two young women meet and become friends. Their budding relationship is soon tested.

Total votes: 230
Something More Banal

In an unusual working morning, people sit and wait, contemplating life, and the dead man hanging in front of them in a Mexican factory.

Total votes: 796
Second Best

'Second Best' is a dark comedy about the power of identical twin sisters and the invisible, unbreakable bond that binds them, no matter what might try and co

Total votes: 193
The Horrific Murder of Grigori Rasputin

Russia 1916.

Total votes: 188
Actor Kim

A frugal and pretentious actor Kim is dreaming to become a movie star while being in charge of an acting coach in a highschool.

Total votes: 180
We'll Get Back to You

The only cure of being jobelessness, unhappy and hopelessness is friendship, life is beautiful together.

Total votes: 203
Peach Dreams

A film about dreams, youth and illness.

Total votes: 1170

The story of a shallow man who's forced to face his inner self.

Total votes: 199
Dear Chickens

Two unlikely roommates discover life begins with a tomato.

Total votes: 483

A film about a man who lives his real life on film.

Total votes: 472
The Pitts Circus Family

The world's 1st Ethereum Blockchain funded movie has been registered successfully on the Ethereum Blockchain on july 29th 2016 and crowdfunded it's budget wi

Total votes: 187

A stressed student becomes obsessed with a vending machine in the middle of nowhere.

Total votes: 105
The Headlight

God upholds there are still honest men in the world, but the Devil disagrees. A bet worth ten thousand souls is settled.

Total votes: 138
Let's Go Home!

The lead rapper of a hip hop group has quit, leaving the other members behind.

Total votes: 250
Dad is pretty

Duk-jae wants to talk if he gets drunk. But when he gets home, Jung ah gets into the room and Mi-ja increases Tv volume.

Total votes: 1404
The Man Who Looks Like Me

Drama-comedy about middle-aged intellectual who is having hard time with his intrusive father, who ruins all his romantic plans with an attractive psychoanal

Total votes: 395
The Domestic Fly

An everyday routine of a lonely old lady is interrupted by an irritating housefly.

Total votes: 510
Funeral Games

Two undertakers get a corpse stolen by two crooks who lose a precious bag. They will have to organise a swap.

Total votes: 154
Rhapsody in Blueberry

Rhapsody, a wild young woman, pushes the limits to find a deeper meaning in her life.

Total votes: 188

While he works at the exit toll leading to the airport, a man dreams of taking off.

Total votes: 706

Sami is in love, but too shy to address his dream-woman Yvonne.

Total votes: 460
Technicolour Daydream

When 12-year-old Clark finds out that his family is about to be uprooted from their house, he and his friends try to win a film contest to save his home.

Total votes: 157
The Legend of Rasputin

It is a dark historical comedy about the first tabloid star Grigori Rasputin, presenting a chapter in his life through puppets.

Total votes: 415
Cigarbox Blues

Derek is having the blues and this does not only refer to his stage performance.

Total votes: 241
Let's Have an Adventure

A college student travels the country with an escaped mental patient and a toy robot in pursuit of finding his place in life.

Total votes: 189
As You Command

A clumsy painter uncovers a genie with plenty of wishes to offer but no amount of luck can change his ability to screw things up.

Total votes: 508
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 49179

A Romanian and a NY misfit meet in Brooklyn and fall in love. But the course of true love never runs untroubled.

Total votes: 552
Now Departing

With the death of his estranged father, Alex is forced to team up with his eccentric sister, Kate, in order to secure their father's wealthy inheritance.

Total votes: 203
Taste Test

Somewhere in Euro

Total votes: 831

A modern day adaptation from Chekhov's short

Total votes: 428

Total votes: 1111
Peter, a round friend

Peter is a toilet in the ladies room of a pub and while unsuccessfully trying to talk and connect to women he’s dreaming about seeing the world.

Total votes: 5997

Burkina Faso, end of the dry season. A white man walks into a bar. A lively discussion about France ensues.

Total votes: 793
Domino Street

When Efi Levy, a young Israeli student, loses his new bicycles - he takes on an uncompromising journey to get them back.

Total votes: 814
Crone's Disease

A filmmaker's anxiety begins to manifests physically as she takes control of her vision.

Total votes: 293

Our main protaginist (Dave early 30s) is at home

Total votes: 705
Oh the Chacho well he knows

Storyline: Rural numerous family with children of different intellectual capacities, some they study, if they are boys, others are employed at the field guar

Total votes: 2340

Twin brothers, along with their childhood best friend, visit their dying father.

Total votes: 509


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