Super Short Comics 'Into the Pocket'

Did you noticed that all of the denims (jeans) have a second little pocket above the main pocket? What is that for?

Total votes: 284

A publishing intern is sent to retrieve the signature of her hero, only to realize he is an asshole.

Total votes: 166

A frustrated copywriter heads upstate to kill himself...and gets writer's block on his suicide note.

Total votes: 192
Amores Gatos

Amores Gatos is an experimental tragicomedy about a wannabe-poet jack-of-all-trades dilettante that earns his living as a cat-sitter in NYC.

Total votes: 238

On the first night of Passover, a homeless stranger mistakenly enters a Brentwood mansion and discovers he's supposed to be a hitman the eldest son has hired

Total votes: 415

The sentimental and comedic adventures of the Spritzer family, as they deal with the death of their grandmother and what's to become of their Jewish family r

Total votes: 184
Screaming My Heart Out (recent)

SCREAMING MY HEART OUT is about the deep love, pain and joy that one large Italian family shares in the 1960's in a small blue collar neighborhood beneath th

Total votes: 220
Airport 2012

'Airport 2012' chronicles an alienating partner-swapping encounter in a New Jersey motel on Election Day, 2012.

Total votes: 366

You call. They collect.

Total votes: 208
Man and Cat

Two down on their luck brothers attempt to steal what they think is a valuable comic book.

Total votes: 148

A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.

Total votes: 455
Robots: A Love Story

Intergalactic Marshal Bertha Snerkowitz and her inept partner Bucky Rodgers travel to Planet Harrison to retrieve two renegade lesbian robots.

Total votes: 300
The King of Coxinha

A documentary about Thales, a Brazilian cook that decides to move back to his hometown after 33 years of living in the US.

Total votes: 618

Satirical News Magazine, Nitecap, investigates Leo Mann and his Intravaginal advertising agency.

Total votes: 612

Ernest is a mockumentary short film about a guy whose inability to say no inadvertently causes him to have the wildest night of his life.

Total votes: 274

A girl decides to go against her parents wishes and not go to the college she was accepted into.

Total votes: 573
The 10 Kinds Of Roommates You Meet On Craigslist

These are the 10 kinds of roommates you meet on craigslist.

Total votes: 223


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