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'Jane' is a series of films comprising of six conversations between two men about a woman they share; both are married to a woman called Jill. Each is replete with options for dialogue and camera angles that are initially randomly selected. The work also allows for user selection through navigation of the interactive master script for each selected conversation. Films last between over three minutes to a little over five.
Form follows function as the vagaries of desire that the mythical woman Jane embodies finds its perfect expression in the deliberately pliable text. 'Jane' eschews branching narrative. Instead variants that have localized polyvalence propagate semantically across neighbouring content. These maintain credible meaning in each combination of the very many compound possibilities available.
Exists on the web but also as an easily installable single or two screen installation piece.
Review instructions:
0) Use the Chrome browser
1) visit 'Jane'
2) Read the generated script for the random conversation.
3) Play this version in full screen mode
4) Go out of full screen and change the film by changing the script below the video, change numerous lines and camera angles.
5) Play the conversation again to see the changes you made as a new film
6) Repeat with a new conversation (menu top-right button) from the 'conversations' right-hand top menu.
Festival screener version showing one film, sample script interaction and the subsequent film available for projection (duration 12 mins)
9 mins 58 sec
Information for the Audience: 

The festival version of 'Jane' is really just the tip of the iceberg as regards the huge number of potential films that the project truly consists of. For further exploration point your Chrome browser to the fully interactive version online at There is also a fuller artistic statement about the work which details the thought process and Oulipian narrative structuring device behind the work - if you are into that kind of thing. Oh yes, despite that high-brow stuff, you can, if the mood takes you, laugh during the screening. 




Screenings / Awards: 

    January 24, 2016 
    Europe Premiere 
    EX Experimental New Media Art Prize (Specila Menion)
      • international Art Fair JustMAD7
  • Digital Muddy Expanded Media Festival
    Southern Illinois University 
    March 1, 2016
  • ISEA, International Symposium of Electronic Art
    Hong Kong 
    May 16, 2016
  • Webby Awards 2016 (Honoree)
    New York 
    Honoree: Online Film Wierd


Information for theatres: 

I have created a DCP using 4K resolution but can also provide a 2K version if this is better for you.

Directed by: 
Ian Flitman
Writing credits: 
Script by Ian Flitman
Jake - Paul Downey John - Colin Mace
Produced by: 
Ian Flitman
Cinematography by: 
Niclas Reed-Middleton
Film Editing by: 
Ian Flitman
Casting by: 
Ian Flitman
Art Direction by: 
Ian Flitman
Makeup Department: 
Sheena McKellar
Other crew: 
Donald Bousted - sound
Release Date: 
Sunday, May 1, 2016
Official website:
Total votes: 4998