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The Traps


Sofia arrives to pick up her boyfriend (Julian). He’s not at home, Romina (his sister) repeats exactly his instructions: “He left to fix his guitar”. The sister-in-laws are getting to know each other for the first time while they wait for Julian. At the end, we might discover the traps.

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Information for the Audience: 

I was living in Los Angeles for year and made a trip back to Buenos Aires with my -at that time - boyfriend, now husband. While visiting family, catching up with friends and exploring great places with my husband. I had a lingering feeling of making a short film. Jazmin and I finally got together at a cafe in Palermo, 7 blocks south of Santa Fe Avenue, right after I was doing my Tourist Visa papers, had lost my passport in Brazil - don't mix plane pills with wine. Anyways, we've been wanting to do a movie together and both always fascinated by traveling, poetry and acting, we came up with an idea to develop a scene together. What about being sister in law but kinda like “the cool kind”,…
We wrote the script, I got together my best friends from Buenos Aires and we shot “The Traps” in only one day in Tron’s paradise.
They are not perfect sister, but definitely the cool kind.

Cast: Jazmin Carballo, Carolina Cortella, Nico Duarte, Manuel Galíndez y Trevor Dean Miller
Direction & Production: Carolina Cortella
Script:  Carolina Cortella & Jazmin Carballo
Direction of Photography: Demian Scalona
Camara: Julián Julian Vey
Art Direction: Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Sound: Mariana Zalazar
Edition Carolina Cortella
Special thanks to Vanesa Gemelli and Maria Ines Pezza

Screenings / Awards: 

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Distribution budget: 
Directed by: 
Carolina Cortella
Writing credits: 
Carolina Cortella & Jazmin Carballo
Carolina Cortella, Jazmin Carballo, Nicolas Duarte, Trevor Dean Miller and Manuel Galíndez
Produced by: 
Carolina Cortella
Cinematography by: 
Demian Scalona
Film Editing by: 
Carolina Cortella
Casting by: 
carolina cortella
Production Design by: 
carolina cortella
Art Direction by: 
Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Set Decoration by: 
Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Costume Design by: 
Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Makeup Department: 
Magdalena Peralta Antivero
Other crew: 
Camara: Julián Julian Vey Sound: Mariana Zalazar
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 8, 2017
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