Something More Banal

In an unusual working morning, people sit and wait, contemplating life, and the dead man hanging in front of them in a Mexican factory.

Total votes: 30
Second Best

'Second Best' is a dark comedy about the power of identical twin sisters and the invisible, unbreakable bond that binds them, no matter what might try and co

Total votes: 0
The Horrific Murder of Grigori Rasputin

Russia 1916.

Total votes: 0
Actor Kim

A frugal and pretentious actor Kim is dreaming to become a movie star while being in charge of an acting coach in a highschool.

Total votes: 2
We'll Get Back to You

The only cure of being jobelessness, unhappy and hopelessness is friendship, life is beautiful together.

Total votes: 0
Peach Dreams

A film about dreams, youth and illness.

Total votes: 62

The story of a shallow man who's forced to face his inner self.

Total votes: 0
Dear Chickens

Two unlikely roommates discover life begins with a tomato.

Total votes: 9
The Pitts Circus Family

The world's 1st Ethereum Blockchain funded movie has been registered successfully on the Ethereum Blockchain on july 29th 2016 and crowdfunded it's budget wi

Total votes: 0

A film about a man who lives his real life on film.

Total votes: 14
The Headlight

God upholds there are still honest men in the world, but the Devil disagrees. A bet worth ten thousand souls is settled.

Total votes: 0

A stressed student becomes obsessed with a vending machine in the middle of nowhere.

Total votes: 0
Let's Go Home!

The lead rapper of a hip hop group has quit, leaving the other members behind.

Total votes: 0
Dad is pretty

Duk-jae wants to talk if he gets drunk. But when he gets home, Jung ah gets into the room and Mi-ja increases Tv volume.

Total votes: 592
The Man Who Looks Like Me

Drama-comedy about middle-aged intellectual who is having hard time with his intrusive father, who ruins all his romantic plans with an attractive psychoanal

Total votes: 3
Funeral Games

Two undertakers get a corpse stolen by two crooks who lose a precious bag. They will have to organise a swap.

Total votes: 0
Rhapsody in Blueberry

Rhapsody, a wild young woman, pushes the limits to find a deeper meaning in her life.

Total votes: 0
The Domestic Fly

An everyday routine of a lonely old lady is interrupted by an irritating housefly.

Total votes: 27

While he works at the exit toll leading to the airport, a man dreams of taking off.

Total votes: 42

Sami is in love, but too shy to address his dream-woman Yvonne.

Total votes: 0
Technicolour Daydream

When 12-year-old Clark finds out that his family is about to be uprooted from their house, he and his friends try to win a film contest to save his home.

Total votes: 0
The Legend of Rasputin

It is a dark historical comedy about the first tabloid star Grigori Rasputin, presenting a chapter in his life through puppets.

Total votes: 18
Cigarbox Blues

Derek is having the blues and this does not only refer to his stage performance.

Total votes: 0
Let's Have an Adventure

A college student travels the country with an escaped mental patient and a toy robot in pursuit of finding his place in life.

Total votes: 0
As You Command

A clumsy painter uncovers a genie with plenty of wishes to offer but no amount of luck can change his ability to screw things up.

Total votes: 14

A robber on the run from the police hides out in the wild nature, when he discovers a lonely house and the woman living inside.

Total votes: 790
The Man From Death

A poor, dumb sap, Elijah Stryder and his wife, Mrs. Stryder, are attacked by the nefarious Ailester Hall and left for dead in the wild wild west.

Total votes: 22668

A Romanian and a NY misfit meet in Brooklyn and fall in love. But the course of true love never runs untroubled.

Total votes: 11
Now Departing

With the death of his estranged father, Alex is forced to team up with his eccentric sister, Kate, in order to secure their father's wealthy inheritance.

Total votes: 0
Taste Test

Somewhere in Euro

Total votes: 384

A modern day adaptation from Chekhov's short

Total votes: 156

Total votes: 511
Wish You Were Here Studios

Total votes: 647
Peter, a round friend

Peter is a toilet in the ladies room of a pub and while unsuccessfully trying to talk and connect to women he’s dreaming about seeing the world.

Total votes: 2841

Burkina Faso, end of the dry season. A white man walks into a bar. A lively discussion about France ensues.

Total votes: 388
Domino Street

When Efi Levy, a young Israeli student, loses his new bicycles - he takes on an uncompromising journey to get them back.

Total votes: 46
Crone's Disease

A filmmaker's anxiety begins to manifests physically as she takes control of her vision.

Total votes: 0

Our main protaginist (Dave early 30s) is at home

Total votes: 321
Oh the Chacho well he knows

Storyline: Rural numerous family with children of different intellectual capacities, some they study, if they are boys, others are employed at the field guar

Total votes: 1211

Twin brothers, along with their childhood best friend, visit their dying father.

Total votes: 11
That Road

Omar decides to miss his job interview to embark on a road trip with strangers.

Total votes: 23
Total votes: 338

Tout le monde dans l’entourage de Joseph s’accordent sur un point : c’est un raté.

Total votes: 0


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