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Happy Hour Feminism: Lipo-Draining Beer


HAPPY HOUR FEMINISM is a comedic web series SET in the future where women brazenly sit up and men politely sit down. Imagine a world where men worry about wrinkles and beer bellies, and suffer from a monthly hormonal curse, commonly known as the Wolf Period. Women Scientists, CEOs, and experts from every field join Anna, the hostess of the show, to discuss how to make men happy, introducing such original ground breaking products as Lipo-Draining Beer (a miracle belly-shrinking liquid that tastes like beer but isn’t…), Bald No More (Bon Jovi Hair in an Instant), and paranormal techniques to cure men of their Wolf Periods NATURALLY (think Twilight Zone meets PMS). Male models play the violin, buff men in Superman underwear jump out of pink halos, bourbon is generously drunk, and women relax about feminism while ruling the media, the airwaves and how men view themselves.

In the episode LIPO-DRAINING BEER, Anna talks with Dr. Lara Crownhead, a scientist and inventor of Lipo-Draining Beer, a miracle product that makes men skinny in three days. Evan Heartfield is their special guest, a live specimen, who wants to be skinny and desirable. All that and more happens to Evan, including the torturous side effects.




Information for the Audience: 

"A hilarious romp in an empowered bar, where women objectify men, eat carbs, and talk about their orgasms - I loved it!" Vicky, an audience member at the Ocktober Film Festival

"I loved all the sexual innuendos, the jokes about men's beer bellies and George Clooney, and the beautiful cinematography in this episode." - Nicole, an audience member at the Action on Film Festival.

Screenings / Awards: 

Won for Best Webseries  Ocktober Film Festival, NYC 2015; Anna Fishbeyn won Best Leading Actress and Women Filmmakers - Indie Film Fest Awards; Won for Best Screeplay at the Direct Short Online Film Festival 2015; Kathryn Kates Nominated for Best Guest Starring Role, NYC Web Fest 2015; Best Webseries Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016; Nominated for Best Webseries at the Action on Film International Film Festival, 2015, 2016; Nominated for Best Webseries at the Los Angeles Film Festival Awards, Nominated for Best Best Webseries at the Miami International Film Festival. 

Screened at Action on Film Festival in 2015 and 2016, at Los Angeles Film Festival Awards in 2016, at NYC Web Fest in 2015, at Hollywood International Moving PIctures Film Festival 2016, at the Ocktober Film Festival in 2015, and has been selected at over 12 film festivals.  

Directed by: 
Adrian Roman
Writing credits: 
Anna Fishbeyn
Anna Fishbeyn Patricia Randell Rachel A. Collins Dana Watkins Anthony Laciura
Produced by: 
Anna Fishbeyn XOFeminist Productions
Music by: 
Ellen Kaye
Cinematography by: 
Jamie Morris
Film Editing by: 
Jamie Morris
Release Date: 
Sunday, March 12, 2017
Total votes: 507

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