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Shoot Granny (Shoot Granny)


Shoot Granny or when what seems to be a common tea time between three elderly ladies turns out to be the starting point of an eve as funny and lively as any their grandsons may have... Cheerfully aging in action, on a music of Todd Terje.



Information for theatres: 

Title Spanish: "-0"
Тitle French: "-0"
Тitle Italian: "-0"
Тitle German: "-0"
Тitle Portuguese: "-0"
Subtitles: English
Recording format: DSLR – Canon 5d Mkii 16:9 Full HD
Projection format: Digital File
Screen format: 16/9
Colour: Color
Sound: David, Angel Dorao
Script: Grégoire Morel, Olivier Kowalczyk
Art: Grégoire Morel, Olivier Kowalczyk
Editing: Grégoire Morel, Olivier Kowalczyk
Animation: -0
Music: Todd Terje
Casting: Pilar Pons Magrané, Anna-Maria Manich, Josefina Alvarez, Josep Vilavert Mana, Andreu Rico Pérez, Santiago Sans Gracia
Sound editing: -0
Post production: -0
Selections: "2015, XIV Certamen El Pecado, Llerena (Badajoz) 2015, 12 Months Films Festival, Roumania 2015, 1st Russian comedy short film festival KOKA, Moscow, Russia 2015, FESTIVAL DE CINE Y ARTES VISUALES BUGARTE, Colombia"
Awards: 2015, 12 Months Films Festival, Roumania - Fiction of the Month 3rd Winner

Total votes: 2693