Ballet Noir

Ballet Noir is a single channel short film that follows the bond formed between an animator her puppet.

Total votes: 3183

The darkness of 'Devil's Night' casts an insatiable thirst and hunger upon Madame Mistress.

Total votes: 1739
Psycho Analysis

Leading a empty and lonely life Alex one day discovers a new ability. Which sets in motion dangerous events for him and his cat.

Total votes: 2754

"John Fischer photographs affairs for a private investigator.

NOIROTICA the Web Series
Total votes: 3593
The Icarus Complex

An aspiring magazine editor falls in debt to a loan shark and tries to scheme his way out of it, all the while uncovering the truth behind a former Hollywood

Total votes: 742
Mina Walking

12 year-old Mina cooks, sews, washes and works selling knick-knacks on the war-torn streets of Kabul to feed her neglectful father and senile grandfather.

Total votes: 4661
Deaf Women Told Me

Deaf women, told me...

Total votes: 847

An institute that takes care of abandoned-disabled and handicapped children is supposed to be shut down due to the money issues.

Total votes: 715

A hitman, a criminal and a soldier scramble to stop two murderous thieves.

Total votes: 1912
Ragnarock's Cabin

A newlywed couple head to a cottage to find it already occupied.

Total votes: 1638
Burning, Burning

A Woman walks across the city to the edge of town.

Total votes: 646

John Fischer photographs affairs for a private investigator. A new client wants more than just photos of her husbands infidelity.

Total votes: 1354
All Hallows Eve: October 30th

A group of adults on a film excursion in the woods are systematically hunted by a maniac and his family of cult-like followers.

Total votes: 638

Nine episodes, nine characters, representative of a generation of homosexuals discuss the realities they face, from their « coming-out » to dealing with ster

Total votes: 1196
Sinsters (revenge drama)

Two fraternal twin sisters learn a family secret while a young man plots a revenge trap in the shadows of a down town gospel mission.

Total votes: 672
Softwaring Hard

A documentary about the world of software and the software makers.

Total votes: 778

Dan Zukovic, the cult indie director of The Last Big Thing, returns with another arthouse monster, global film noir Scammerhead, starring Dan Zukovic, Alex R

Total votes: 3227
A Legacy of Whining

Total votes: 725
Good Day to Shoot

Total votes: 1584
The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour

The film is set in the year 2023, in an 'alternate-reality' where Michael Jackson is still alive.

Total votes: 1371
The Dental Plan (Amsterdam World International Film Festival)

New! DTLA Film Festival ("largest film-TV event in downtown Los Angeles") - Winner in "Best Feature screenplay of fully completed projects" category

Total votes: 33
White Shoes

Kindness stops where it inconveniences. A privilege young lady accidentally stepped on a snail and started to slowly develop an appetite for killing.

Total votes: 65
Expected Unexpected

Story about failed relationships and decisions along the way that affect the lives of many others.

Total votes: 49
New Persona

Anna is a jaded and nonchalant young woman whose only pleasure is music. Her life changes when she breaks her CD player and have a new classic iPod.

Total votes: 103
The Distance Between Us

Suddenly separated by 1500 km during Italy's emergency Covid 19 lockdown, middle-aged Chiara and Marcello’s attempts at video sex lead them to unex

Total votes: 82

In a post-pandemic world a lonely and introspective drifter searching for a human connection encounters an unloved woman who challenges his dreary perception

Total votes: 58
Your Love

Your Love is an original music video written, recorded,produced, performed and directed by Tianyou Tian.

Total votes: 63
Endless Night

The story of a couple who have problems in their marriage.

Total votes: 88

A film about two brothers - Yash is a charismatic young lawyer frustrated in his pursuit of justice, while Ansh is a social recluse due to his medical limita

Total votes: 448
GUČA: Serbian Detox

When you detox in Serbia, you eat, drink, and enjoy the music.

Total votes: 968
Nursery Rhyme of a Madman

A poet trapped in an asylum strives to escape from two crazy doctors in competition over diametrically opposed schools of thought.

Total votes: 619
Going Up

The over-talkative and anxious Finn joins the hitman who is coming to kill him on a ride to the sixth floor in the world's slowest elevator.

Total votes: 390
Skuggi (Shadow)

On the waves of the North Atlantic, close to 900 passionate people full of expectations sail to the Faroe Islands, their desolate landscapes and their uncert

Total votes: 637

A film about lust, loneliness and obsession, Flamenco follows the love triangle between Camilla, Alexander and Lola.

Total votes: 259
Asylum At Blackthorn

A group of land surveyors are sent to study and survey an old abandoned town that has recently been purchased by a land developer.

Total votes: 139
The Third Eclipse on Purgatory

He forges the fate of a man.
She reminisces her past.
The solar eclipse reigns.

Total votes: 467
Be Hold

Performances of two contemporary dancers are juxtaposed and reassembled in a frame by frame investigation of one’s self-perception of attraction and repulsio

Total votes: 146
The Last Walk

The Last Walk is a collection of three works of short fiction stitched together to tell stories that highlight the common experiences Indigenous People have

Total votes: 615
The First & Last Time

For 40 years, Spoons have been one of Canada’s most successful bands, and they are still going strong.

Total votes: 504

The films tells the story of a couple who lost the child and tries to comunicate by overcoming that barrier. 

Total votes: 486

In the pursuit for love and happiness, ETHAN, a man with great ambitions and a big heart, must face many obstacles, some that threaten to halt his quest.

Total votes: 515

Presenting the intriguing story of the Whale House heist.

Total votes: 1265
The Most Magnificent Thing

The Most Magnificent Thing is an inspirational story about a little girl with a creative spirit, determined to make great things.

Total votes: 198
The Lost Mother

“The Lost Mother” is an emotional compelling story of a helpless mother (Zohra) who fights to survive in a patriarchal society as her husband abandons his re

Total votes: 471
The Astronot Soundtrack (Crashland)
Total votes: 765


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