Chicken Film

There has yet to be a film made with guitar music and chickens that I have not loved.

Total votes: 120
Rather than Locked

An Unexpected Encounter

Total votes: 200
Bad Kids

When Rami, a bi-racial teenager whose future holds great promise, decides to invite his old friends Blood and Guts to his new neighbourhood in an effort to r

Total votes: 292

Alvaro and his friends try to scam a Dominican Crime Lord in order to pay off a debt to a Russian Mobster

Total votes: 401
Marital Aids

When Marital Tensions Boil Over, One Enterprising Company Sends Stunt Doubles to Deal With the Flak.

Total votes: 82
Sweet Oil

Two daughters of a single mother use their imaginations to overcome the hardships of life in Northern Alberta, Canada's once booming oil sands.

Total votes: 501

A man struggles to understand his reality as he conflicts with a society that has abandoned smart phones for smart glasses.

Total votes: 152
Second Tier City

Everyone is familiar with term ‘Made In China’, and everyone knows many of the products throughout their house are from China but we rarely get to see where

Total votes: 147
No Roads In

A journey into how music transforms our lives.

Total votes: 90


Total votes: 158
The Rich Life

Striving to fulfill dreams through strength and character, all the while earning the rich life.

Total votes: 139
Does the Sand Hear the Waves?

Journey of a girl raised in an Eastern culture, but who resides in a Western country.

Total votes: 164
Hard Close

It wasn’t supposed to be this hard, to close the deal.

Total votes: 97
The Journey is the Destination

The remarkable true story of the life of Dan Eldon, a young photographer, artist and avid adventurer.

Total votes: 266
Stolen Path

We follow Victoria as she matures from a spoiled privileged young girl to a mature woman who knows and follows her heart.The movie was filmed on two continen

Total votes: 195
The Realtor

The Realtor is a mockumentary look at the inner workings of Tony's eccentric team of real estate salespeople and his good for nothing Broker.

Total votes: 123
3 Movements of outtakes

Short film of exploratory nature where body movement becomes the central language tool, focuses on the notions of roots, exile, relaxation, and resilience.

Total votes: 227
Ron Perron: Always On

Ron Perron left a career in telecom to pursue his dreams of becoming the best fitness photographer in Canada.

Total votes: 107
Break the Rules

Four hot-headed college students exact their own form of vigilante justice when they become entangled in a violent, political caste war because one of their

Total votes: 425
Grey Matter (Based on a short story by Stephen King) used by permission

Three old men investigate the strange behavior of an alcoholic recluse whose son insists is metamorphosing into a degenerate creature.

Total votes: 220
Get Lost In Myanmar

Get Lost: In Myanmar is the first in a series of news/travel programs that highlight host Sophie Lui's firsthand examinations of various international destin

Total votes: 133
Right as Rain

Two retired dancers fight over the most uniquely beautiful umbrella in the world.

Total votes: 181
Theatre Beyond Walls with Paul Thompson

This 45-minute documentary examines the radical beginnings of the alternative Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto in the 1960's and then the 'Paul Thompson sty

Total votes: 181
Monkey With A Gun

Hoodie, a passionate activist with crippling shyness, wants to put an end to vigilantism, but the Sheeple, manipulated by a slimy Salesman, are about to give

Total votes: 158

A struggling actor hits his head after an audition and assumes, by his costume, that he must be an actual superhero.

Total votes: 236
White Night

White Night is a feature film shot entirely in one night by five different directors.Set in the sleepless night of Nuit Blanche, White Night follows six diff

Total votes: 128
Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick

Maker of Monsters: The Extraordinary Life of Beau Dick gives an intimate look into the life of one of Canada’s greatest artists.

Total votes: 145
'A Man's Story'

A gripping meditation on masculinity and violence, A Man’s Story follows young Kam after a triggering boxing practice forces him to confront his father abou

Total votes: 198
ShiversTV - The Supernatural

Welcome to the world of the paranormal. This Anthology film hosted by ShiversTV is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Total votes: 313

Singer and musician Tomas Jensen returns to Buenos Aires Argentina after 40 years in exile, his parents having fled the military dictatorship when he was six

Total votes: 195
Mother Tongue

This is a story about a man who risked his life to save his culture, his heritage, hislanguage.

Total votes: 112
Burns Point

When his sister is strangled by her jealous boyfriend, Jeremy expects swift justice to follow.

Total votes: 223
Going Deep

A dirty little comedy about two marine biologists exploring the limits of their relationship with each other.

Total votes: 177
Dance With Somebody

In Busan, South Korea’s second largest city, a recently graduated LGBTQ activist named, Taeyeon, has dedicated his life to changing the perceptions Koreans h

Total votes: 163
Lunar Orbit

Lunar Orbit takes us into the Ultraworld of the pioneers of ambient house music.

Total votes: 167
Color Blind

Color Blind is a short film about police brutality.The story takes place in  Baltimore City, United States.

Total votes: 180
Grocery Store Action Movie

A hapless every-man is in the express checkout lane at the grocery store when he realizes with horror that he has forgotten the all-important crackers.

Total votes: 261
Come Together

In the midst of a cultural revolution in Colombia, a group of Canadians try and start an Art Festival.

Total votes: 141
Losing Has Never Felt So Sweet

Love, longing, lapsteel and lively Scrabble letters!

Total votes: 185

After the death of her father, a young woman uses her writing to travel beyond the veil of madness into a world of magic, mystery and music.

Total votes: 375
Me & Massey - A Tale of Two Spirits

The intimate story of a gay male by day and trans-gendered rock star by night growing up in one of the most remote, redneck parts of north america.

Total votes: 246
Smoke shell

During one night out, longtime friends Camille and Felix get closer and closer to each other – although they probably shouldn’t.

Total votes: 241
Dark Harvest

A marijuana grower is forced to partner with a suspended narcotics investigator to solve a murder on the eve of marijuana legalization.

Total votes: 195
Poker Night

Poker Night is a fun, comedic short film about a group of twenty-somethings living in Toronto; poking fun at stereotypes, and breaking expectations.

Total votes: 212

A young man struggles with deciphering his obsessions, dreams, memories, & differentiating them between actual reality.

Total votes: 680

It is a Documentary Short Film about Autism Advocacy.Man vs. ASD.

Total votes: 208

This movie is a reflexion on how our society is becoming autistic and the fact that the diagnosis of autism should not be only made on children but also on o

Total votes: 134
The Doorbell

John Hewitt Jr. battles who he hated versus who he has become. The ever challenging conflict of how we where raised versus who we want to be.

Total votes: 321


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