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"John Fischer photographs affairs for a private investigator. A new client wants more than just photos of her husbands infidelity. Her grand plan is to have an affair herself, get John to photograph it, all to spite her husband. The lies, deception, and the cold truth about this Femme Fatale will leave John devastated to the core..."

00:54:01 mins total of 9 episodes...
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   Director’s Statement

"Story ideas for movies must come from the most private and perceptive avatars one's created for oneself. As they say write what you know. And ideas will be possibly authentic, if you somewhat know thyself, or in some cases know thy-selves. Good stories are also derived from real – life experiences, events, episodes. The story of NOIROTICA is remotely and very loosely based on a series of serious events and the ensuing feelings that were somewhat real. I am glad I've been able to flash out and assimilate a story, if only thematically, into an engaging photo play..." 

  ~Ishwar L. Maisuria


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