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Ragnarock's Cabin


A newlywed couple head to a cottage to find it already occupied. At first they share the cottage but people start to go missing soon after and everyone starts to accuse each other of being the allusive murder.

An a-typical thriller that is more comedy with a blue puppet that seems to be around when their are bodies on the ground. Ragnarock's Cabin is an hour of shameless silliness and blood curdling screams.

An will the loving couple every consummate their marriage?


Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Kevin Straw
Writers: Glen Sloan
Producers: Kevin Straw
Key cast: Mel Guibz, Daniel Desmaris, Randy Mars, Anglestar Parent, Evan Gilmore, Veronique Fortin, Vincent Valentino, Julianne Carioto, Richard Groen

Total votes: 1539

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