A missing woman returns with no memory of her ordeal and little memory of her life before.

Total votes: 3431
On The Horizon - Feature Film

Casey is trying create a stable life; until his old flame Elissa, igniting hope once again.

Total votes: 2368
Too Tall

In the superficial world of show business, a struggling actor with a peculiar feature tries to balance his day job and his acting "career".

Total votes: 910
Capturing Happiness

The film tells the story of a young man and his pursuit of true happiness in the modern world.

Total votes: 1557
Nuclear Hope

What will Canada do with its enormous stockpile of deadly radioactive waste?

Total votes: 735
Dance with them

·      At Rouyn-Noranda, in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, we find a dance school that has been run by the same person for 45 years.

screen shot
Total votes: 1160
Una forma de partir / A Way to Go

A passionate, elderly Spanish man fights his own failing heart so he can continue loving and enjoying life his way.

Total votes: 2221

A young boy caught between two conflicting worlds and values he must make sense of. "Father" depicts a story of a universal theme of childhood struggles.

Total votes: 1374

Heartburn is a non-narrative experimental video that explores th

Total votes: 1489
A Mans Story

A gripping meditation

Total votes: 1107
Guy on Girl

-A grad student putting herself through school as an escort struggles to navigate a relationship with a man who was once a client. 

Guy on Girl Film Poster
Total votes: 685
The Drinking Life

A community of drinkers in an early-morning bar discuss why they drink. 

Total votes: 301

Sam, a soft-spoken android, struggles to express his newfound feelings for his human co-worker.

Total votes: 4438

During the French and Indian war, a man of mixed-native descent finds himself caught between two worlds when he journeys into the wilderness with a deranged

Total votes: 2735
Try A Little Tenderness

Total votes: 74711

While on a trip to Milan, a couple pretends to meet as their younger selves, to determine their future together.

Total votes: 1389
Apnée / Apnea

Total votes: 3121
Father Forgets

Based on the powerf

Total votes: 542
Secret Agent Problems

They’re elite secre

Total votes: 346
The Pineville Heist

Seventeen year old Aaron stumble

The Pineville Heist
Total votes: 5416

A honeymoon in Niagara Falls dissolves when the bride’s past submerges her. 

Total votes: 2724
The Limestone Players


The Limestone Players documentary. Ambassadors of Ability and Possibility.  A theatrical troupe show us that friends really are the family we choose.
Total votes: 277
Key word

In a world where freedom is forbidden and no one has the right to speak, a man will try to defeat the gen

Total votes: 1947

A man beckons for his child.

Total votes: 507
Taking The Bullet

Taking the Bullet f

Total votes: 4369

Robert Long and Kat

Total votes: 3848
Trouble For A Smoke

In a boxcar heading west from Kansas to Colorado convicted felon Archibald Graves sits in chains while his two guards, the young and naive Sam Tate and the g

Total votes: 947
Message in the Fortune Cookie

As Joe and his five

Total votes: 1015

A story told in 60 seconds.

Total votes: 1314
A daily routine that he can not escape from.. 
Total votes: 2515


Total votes: 2880

Lure tells the story of an unstable post-grad student, Rebecca Markowitz, who is writing her doctorate thesis on convicted internet stalker, Eric Daltry.

Total votes: 1493
The Man


Total votes: 758
Chocolate Cake

Total votes: 2200




Total votes: 1224
Light Study
Total votes: 1473
No End

No End

Total votes: 1143

Show is an immersive film experience that explores the minutes prior to the screening of a f

Total votes: 2801
Alpha Male

A hermit and a woodsman, Haskel lives his life i

Total votes: 597
The Hollow Child
Total votes: 748
The Necklace

Deep in the remote area of Northern Nepal, nested between the Tibetan/Nepalese border, the Upper Mustang-Tibetan Plateau, a tiny Himalayan village-Jharkot, l

Total votes: 2853
5, the Beginning
Total votes: 1493
Prairie Dog

A lone sheriff in t

Total votes: 5337


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