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This is an animated short film (fiction) about a girl and her mother's experience with cancer in small remote communities.

Total votes: 161
This Is It

Alex and Casey discover that love at first sight is not the first step to romantic love

Total votes: 344

An opportunity to take a friends simple mention of something he loved.

Total votes: 166

Linda a police officer eager to come off of maternity leave, retrieves her independence from her 18 months baby, in a ruinous but blissful way.

Total votes: 1542

A psychological thriller about two friends that go on an adventure to find a Native American burial ground when things take an unsuspecting turn for the wors

Total votes: 229

Mason O'Brien is a failed first round NHL pick who returns to his small town childhood home during the hockey season.

Total votes: 120
Good Enough (Television/Web Comedy)

As they prepare to graduate, two gay best friends navigate the ups and downs of being single in college.

Total votes: 257
To Do List

She has a long list of things to get done. He has a long story to tell. Her list just got longer.

Total votes: 128
The city of dreams

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in Canada.

Total votes: 98

We show how riding your bike to work in the winter is an everyday thing and that it's 'totally normal!'

Total votes: 113
SHAPEMAKER The Sculptor Don Frost

SHAPEMAKER The Sculptor Don Frost is an intimate art documentary that explores the work and the philosophy of one of Canada’s greatest living sculptors, Don

Total votes: 524
Here There Be Tygers

Third grade student Charles really needs to go to the bathroom.

Total votes: 198
Cain Rose Up

a depressed student goes on a sniping rampage from his dorm room window.

Total votes: 154
Song Of Extinction

For millennia, art has concerned itself with the natural world.

Total votes: 103
In The Garden

A gardener digs up the memories of her day and discovers what could have been is not as sweet as what she can find in her own backyard.

Total votes: 234
The Best She's Ever Had

Ted is about to purpose to his girlfriend when he overhears her admit that the best sex she's ever had was with her ex, so Ted goes on a mission to become th

Total votes: 120
A Way to Go / Una forma de partir

A passionate, elderly Spanish man fights his own failing heart so he can continue loving and enjoying life his way.

Total votes: 496
Mrs. Krantz Bakes Great Cookies

A dark comedy exploring a day in the life of an abused woman who has had a break with reality.

Total votes: 175
Perverts Anonymous - Episode 1 - Disguises

Prudence is a sexually uptight but intellectually open woman who confronts her sexual inhibitions by running a therapy group for people with unusual sexual i

Total votes: 132
The Death of Ian Hall

An end of life love story about a terminally ill man. He and his wife face a difficult decision before they can spend their last few days together.

Total votes: 216
ARTIFACT (circa 2006)

Consider a world where all human communications are represented by numbers, a digital world.

Total votes: 130
Beat Him Up

After Zhang Shi-hao finds out his girlfriend is pregnant by rival Lin Yu-en, Zhang takes part in a violent beating of Lin.

Total votes: 282
Unclear limit

This project is based on Judith Butler's philosophy about sexuality.

Total votes: 146
Four Eyes

Set in the fall of 1977, an awkward (and bespectacled) 11 year old learns to stand up for himself with the help of his stressed out, and slightly deranged,

Total votes: 476

The story of how my Hungarian grandmother survived as a Jewish prisoner during the Holocaust.

Total votes: 538
No Reservations

A hypothetical look at what life would be like if the roles in Standing Rock were reversed as an Indigenous corporation attempts to install a pipeline under

Total votes: 644
Chambers Gate

A murderous adventure trapped in the confines of love and political attribution.

Total votes: 201
Dolls of Darkness / The Art of Michel Nedjar

Dolls of Darkness explores the mysteries and profundities of dolls, puppets and marionettes in the context of the grotesque rag dolls of contemporary French

Total votes: 578
Longshot: The Brian Upson Story

In 1982, the West Vancouver Highlanders were in the provincial championship game against a cross town rival.

Total votes: 496
Three Distinct Impressions

While attempting to reconnect with a bitter ex lover, a drifter with a selective memory gets burdened with returning a lost wallet.

Total votes: 225
The Dark and The Wounded

To become great, you must have a vision, courage and tenacity.

Total votes: 76
The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting

A short documentary about The Haldimand Press, a locally owned and operated weekly newspaper that has been in existence since 1868.

Total votes: 530

While at a party, Bailey discovers he has telekinetic abilities, which were triggered by the intervention of a top secret mind-controlling organization.When

Total votes: 179
Best Intentions

A mother goes adorably overboard, trying to find a man for her 30-year-old daughter.

Total votes: 143
One Last Kill

A single mother and a journalist seek revenge by finding the truth.

Total votes: 142
Portrait of Snow

A serendipitous encounter with a younger artist gives legendary Canadian art icon Michael Snow the opportunity to reflect on his life and career.

Total votes: 185
The Need to Feel Love

Two thieves struggle to escape a life of crime.

Total votes: 181
Princess Sparkly Butt and the Hot Dog Kid

A space-exploring Princess discovers she can control time with her butt. Does this mean she has ‘the chosen butt’?

Total votes: 183
Knight Rising

A story about a Street Artist named G.Knight who has supernatural powers who helps a woman return to life after traumatic events that cause her to doubt her

Total votes: 216

We learn from the Herd that when one hurts, we all hurt; we are all here to heal together.

Total votes: 119
The Babysitter

Nathalie, an 18 years old babysitter from Montréal, goes alone in the Ontarian countryside to look after a little girl.

Total votes: 120
A Symphony of War: Part I

The avant-garde documentary presents the major events of the Second World War, through a ‘mashup’ of historical-footage and silent-era cinema.

Total votes: 110
Five Minute Rush

In a world this corrupt, justice has its price.

Total votes: 159
Moving pictures

Does an artist have a control over his work ?

Total votes: 98
The Charcoal Maker

A 37 year-old Canadian writer is taught how to make charcoal by a 14 year-old boy in the Philippines.

Total votes: 464
The Michael Jackson Magical Moon-Tour

The avant-garde documentary is a dramatized interview between Michael Jackson and an interviewer named Eve.

Total votes: 127
Mystery Livfe

The film explores the world of an esoteric transcendental mystery-school. Voyage through the looking-glass.

Total votes: 383
The End Game

In a world where the effects of climate change are becoming the new norm, Dr.

Total votes: 93


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