A Good Story

A middle school teacher who wants desperately to be a big-shot writer in Hollywood struggles to come up with an idea for a screenplay contest, until his ch

Total votes: 161
A Journey to Rome - Discovering Venus Anh

Jessica, a student from London, travels to Rome to learn more about the epic poem "Venus Anh" - the ancient Roman goddess of women's rights.

Total votes: 174

A meditation on God(s) and how we celebrate them. a non narrative film on religion. Grant

Total votes: 187
Women of the West

Love, death, and the wheel of fortune. Set at the turn of the century across Canada, the US and Mexico, this is the story of Sara.

Total votes: 766
Land of Smiles

LOGLINE: Abby is lured through the third world paradise of Thailand searching for her kidnapped best friend and unknowingly she becomes the centerpiece of a

Total votes: 316
Islam of my childhood

I grew up in a Muslim country where religion and culture have blended together for centuries.

Total votes: 215
Lucky & Finnegan

Based on a live recorded song, written and composed by Ronley Teper, "Lucky and Finnegan" is a surreal short animated film narrating an adventure of mystical

Total votes: 847

When you feel it, just run. "Timing" takes you on a silly musical & visual journey through time zones.

Total votes: 1250

Longing for connection, a Muslim immigrant woman secretly joins an acting class; acting empowers her to unveil her true-self beyond limitations as passion an

Total votes: 111

BB is the provocative story of a girl named Leah who, under the name 'Candy Cummings,' performs strip shows online from her apartment for thousands of strang

Total votes: 880
The Dental Plan

NYC Indie Film Awards - Best Feature Film

Depth of Field International Film Festival - Kudos Award


Total votes: 438
Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story

“I think he’s the best goaltender in the history of the NHL.”
Wayne Gretzky

Total votes: 919
Copenhagen Road

Late one night Craig, a mechanic, reluctantly agrees to help Nicole, a desperate young woman with a flat tire, in a car all too familiar to him.

Total votes: 339
The Messenger * Hermes Remembers

Hermes, the most human-like of all the Olympian gods, is now old.

Total votes: 365

ONE DAY short film (2018)

Total votes: 113

Sentience is a short film that explores the themes of love, acceptance, and continuing through great adversity.

Total votes: 108
The Bird May Die

A Muslim woman flees her country in an attempt to save her teenage daughter's life. The upcoming events prove that things are not what she expected.

Total votes: 581
The Sunrise Storyteller

The Sunrise Storyteller follows the hero's journey of teenage filmmaker & social justice advocate, Kasha Sequoia Slavner, as she sets out for six months

Total votes: 163

A short film about an artist, a painter who struggles with her own creativity and self-judgment.

Total votes: 238
T for Tango

Life is a Milonga, A musical journey to have a closer look at Tango community and understand why their lives are Milongas.

Total votes: 879

The short film Sophia, is a modern fairy tale of sorts.

Total votes: 181

Inspired by southern Haiti’s Vodou and Kanaval cosmologies, and co-written with the entire cast and crew, Zanj Hegel La (Hegel’s Angel) is a cinematic fable

Total votes: 519
Trouble In The Garden

Raven, a radical eco-activist, is jailed for protesting development on disputed Indigenous land.

Total votes: 66
Blind Text

A hopeless romantic lets her guard down when she has a serendipitous encounter with a wrong numbered texter.

Total votes: 110

This documentary provides a different view of exile and social impact of big projects like the one in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Total votes: 218
The True North Project

“I don’t think it is very productive to force some sort of false uniformity – I think it’s much more interesting to respect the differences, without intolera

Total votes: 207
Candyland.Com (64 pages)

Baby boomers/matures enter the 21st century’s dating scene as they seek the last loves of their lives on Candyland.Com, an online mature dating site under th

Total votes: 426

Arash Ashtad, Alec Makolo and Deborah Araujo Cruz through confusion and comical circumstances end up being roommates in one of the most beautiful and expensi

Total votes: 127
Fucking My Way Back Home

After her mother dies, a sex worker has one night to get enough money to stop her mother's house from being repossessed and return home to collect her child

Total votes: 777
Sliding Away

A meditation on human morality the past and present. The film expresses the struggle each generation has to redefine itself.

Total votes: 128
The Curtain

Two hospitalized strangers develop an unlikely friendship by revealing painful, intimate details about their lives through the safety and anonymity of the ro

Total votes: 145
Recovery Room

This feature documentary tells the story of Canadian volunteers, plastic surgeons and nurses at the Main Military Clinical Hospital in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Total votes: 884
Knot Not!

A coming of age story of Mohan and his family, Knot Not! meanders through Mohan’s life in Canada.

Total votes: 72
Beijing New York

A touching and complex love story that bridges time, distance and culture, intertwining the lives of two Chinese childhood friends and an American artist.

Total votes: 218
A Sauropod Abroad

A documentary filmmaker follows her paleo-artist parents as they take their life-sized dinosaur Magyarosaurus on a road trip across Europe.

Total votes: 78
There's Been A Terrible Mistake

This film is the very definition of a tragicomedy.

Total votes: 319
Revealing Marie Saint Pierre

Marie Saint Pierre could have been a filmmaker a sculptor or a painter, but the world-class fashion designer chose fabric as her canvas, channeling her creat

Total votes: 268
The Caravan Film

An inside look aboard The Caravan where adventurers young and old grapple with route-finding, mother nature and group dynamics in an epic horse-drawn experie

Total votes: 132
Les salopes ou le sucre naturel de la peau

Les Salopes or the Naturally Wanton Pleasure of Skin

Total votes: 167

Caring is easy. Surviving is hard.

Total votes: 137

Total votes: 1553
A Touch of Spring

Total votes: 1485
The Last Walk

The Last Walk is a collection of three works of short fiction stitched together to tell stories that highlight the common experie

Total votes: 909

FEMINISTA, by Myriam Fougère, documentary, 60 min, Canada, 2017.

Total votes: 5441
Gospel Movie "Caught the Last Train"


Total votes: 3067
Giving Back The Name With Respect

The Haida have shown their strength, resiliency, and perseverance while navigating the decimation of 95% of their people, the introduction of Residential Sch

Total votes: 354
House Party

A not so recent univeristy graduate named Peter struggles to figure out his next step in life.

Total votes: 343


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