A Mother's Love

In this award-winning short thriller, a suburban mother struggles to find her children when they don't return from school one day.

Total votes: 334
By The Fountain

Universally understood, 'By The Fountain' captures a perfect romance - they meet at a cafe, they catch each other's eye, they love the same books, espresso t

Total votes: 262
Protected Workshop #19

Argentina is quickly becoming one of the most progressive countries in the Americas, boasting a public healthcare system that is free to all.

Total votes: 273

Norman is a dark, comedic thriller about a struggling amateur comedian trying to reinvent himself.

Total votes: 211

A department store mannequin falls in love with a coworker, and most confront their irreconcilable differences.

Total votes: 264
Podsnappery - A question of conception Short Film

Sir Jack, a young aspiring magician deteriorates as he works to become the next Harry Houdini.

Total votes: 214
Burning Man: Into the Realm

A documentary on Burning Man, what makes this event so popular.

Total votes: 89
Love Coinky Dink

Absolutely, most definitely, worst case scenario...

Total votes: 344
Stracony (Lost)

A young man’s suppressed sexual curiosity comes to life after being seduced by another man.

Total votes: 159

Music Vidéo of a new artist of Montréal (Canada) 'Delacroix'. Single on radio all around Québec.

Total votes: 182
Million Loves in Me

This project was inspired by a true story and a headline case in Hong Kong.

Total votes: 470
Rien Ne Va Plus - No More Bets

George is a man who goes to the local diner every day because he is in love with Sandra, the waitress.

Total votes: 181
Beyond the Limelight

Grammy Award winning violinist James Ehnes decided that for his 40th birthday he would tour every province and territory in Canada, in his most ambitious rec

beyond the limelight documentary james ehnes
Total votes: 2731
Vinyl Revolution

Vinyl has made an unlikely comeback and it's shaking up the music business...again.

Total votes: 108
The Boxer

The Boxer is a short experimental film about a boxer who is in preparation for a boxing match.

Total votes: 118
Photographer Gabor Szilasi

Born in 9128, Photographer Gabor Szilasi is one of the living legends of Canada. He has received the highest prizes for his work and contribution to arts.

Total votes: 150
This is CLARK

A seriously neurotic young man, who just had yet another lonely and saddening birthday, is convinced that his roommate and girlfriend are fooling around behi

Total votes: 81
The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf

‘The Grand Duchess Olga in the land of the Maple Leaf’ - a documentary about the Toronto life of the sister of Tsar Nicholas II and the aunt of the legendary

Total votes: 234

Sameer is a middle-class young man, who lives with his younger brother. He doesn’t have much except a big house left by his parents.

Total votes: 654
Macchiato To Go

Just because a moment is fleeting, doesn't mean that it's disposable.

Total votes: 149
Nil: No Blood for Coffee

A man is pulled out of his daily routine and thrown into a war for java juice.

Total votes: 137
The Jackstones

When it comes to news about the state of coral reef worldwide, it’s rarely good.

Total votes: 487

Beyond Sight takes interest in the Inuit’s way of life, art, culture and landscapes, both visible and imaginary, in reaction to the opening of the North West

Total votes: 410
Tempus Tormentum

Every Dead Thing Has Thoughts

Total votes: 198
The Lonely Light of Home

“The Lonely Light of Home” follows a family who runs a B&B fishing lodge in coastal British Columbia.

Total votes: 208
Grey Pain

A Poetic Triptych / A Visual Trilogy

Total votes: 97

A doctor punishes a photographer for ridiculing her amateurish attempts at his profession.

Total votes: 130
Saint No One

A man struggles to cope with the many changes of his life.

Total votes: 181

Two women - a loyal cop and a prostitute - team up to bring a serial killer to justice.

Total votes: 212
Save You - music video

Though tragedy lasts forever, we are never alone.A young man loses his wife and his life is shattered, he never recovers.

Total votes: 124
TAKEN - Emily Osmond

Emily Osmond was 78 years old when she was last seen by her nephew on her property on the outskirts of Kawacatoose First Nation, Saskatchewan, in September,

Total votes: 485

Two lives collided together for reasons unknown to either

Total votes: 126
No Limits

Academy Award winning director John Zaritsky picks-up the stories of Thalidomide survivors for his third film on the subject and finally unveils a sinister a

Total votes: 121
Born Blue

Two weeks. No sleep. An endless number of children in need of heart surgery.

Total votes: 71
A day in the life of Mick Mick

How you see depends a great deal on where you are.

Total votes: 418

Two Girls, Too Many Drinks, One Great Idea!

Total votes: 150

An exploration of identity through two roommates. One morning their interactions show them just what they have in common.

Total votes: 547
Show and Tell

When Naya, a recent 9­‐year­‐old Lebanese immigrant, is chosen to perform a story she wrote at an upcoming school concert she is thrilled until she realizes

Total votes: 203
The Ghost Knows

James, a rich IT businessman takes his wife Sarah and kids Julie and Kevin to his newly bought Summer house beside a lake.

Total votes: 115
The Other Side of Morning

For several weeks, Lynn has been waking up inexplicably at 3:37 a.m.

Total votes: 200

Vancouver filmmaker Var Bhalla returns to his hometown of Fort McMurray after a devastating fire forced the evacuation of over 90,000 residents.

Total votes: 151
A Consecrated Life

An intelligent, devout young woman announces to her family that she's going to abandon academics and become a nun, but in so doing, she finds herself in oppo

Total votes: 123
Ergo Sum

Ergo Sum challenges the modern conventions of the human psyche in a pseudo sci-fi setting, 'I think, therefore I am' - Renee Descartes.

Total votes: 225
The Venus of Lotus Hill

A young woman and a fisherman from a small village travel to a strange house both looking for the owner and answers but when he's nowhere to be found their p

Total votes: 517

Sara won't stop calling a man who does not pick up the phone anymore.

Total votes: 267
The Psychic Path

Music Video

Total votes: 354
Tuesday, 10:08am

After an SIU Inspector is caught in a police shooting, she's surprised to find the police commended for their bravery and the investigation halted.

Total votes: 209


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