The Vatican dispatches mercenaries-for-hire – “The God Squad” – to a suburban residence to execute a nocturnal menace.

Total votes: 224
No room for 2

A troubled man trying to save a relationship while fighting his own demons.

Total votes: 133

Resigned to his fate as a worker in a notoriously shoddy chemical plant, Jay realizes that he must not only find a way to support his family, but also overco

Total votes: 175
For the Love of Art

After decades of communism young independent artists in Havana, Cuba are eager to share their visions and stories through the medium of film.

Total votes: 345

A bulimic young woman seeks inpatient treatment and confronts her illnesses darkest secrets.

Total votes: 246

RESOLUTIONS (originally Entschlüsse) is a short diary entry written by FRANZ KAFKA in 1911.

Total votes: 174
The Seer

When Carol Petty's eight-year old son is kidnapped, she seeks help from a burned-out psychic.

Total votes: 132
The Lantern

Inspired by Julia Kristeva’s writings on depression and melancholy, The Lantern is a video-essay on the effects of gaslighting, a form of manipulation wherei

Total votes: 339
Poison In The Water

A recent widower joins his daughter on the search for a witch he believes is a manifestation of her grief.

Total votes: 151
'Spikes at Her Elbow'

An Asian woman engineering graduate struggles to find and keep a job in a white male dominated profession during the late 1970's.

Total votes: 197
Psychic Snakebite

A plane hijacking that follows the stories of passengers, criminals, flight attendants, and pilots aboard.

Total votes: 205
IN EVERYONE'S EYES (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive film about life in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion.

Total votes: 601
The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se leve)

Is there a key to talking about terror attacks?From naïveté to awareness, a man considers armed conflict and two terror attacks - in Ottawa and Paris.The sec

Total votes: 539

Peter’s modus operandi is he works alone with a selection of classic music, preferably opera.

Total votes: 126
Somewhere in between

Transiting to 5th sleep | Aux frontières du 5e sommeil

Total votes: 213

“Tony” is an impressionistic documentary film portrait focusing on identity, creativity, and loss within a personal family history.

Total votes: 155

Isolation from friends and family and the pressure to work have heightened the mental strain of a young determined artist as she finds herself stuck in a loo

Total votes: 207
Jacob Is Ready

Terminally ill man is about to exercise his right to physician-assisted suicide. In his last moments on earth he has only one regret.

Total votes: 200
One Night Stand

A successful businessman, meets his soul mate during a business trip.

Total votes: 202
Deuteronomy 24:16

Told without dialogue and against the back drop of under-ground mixed martial arts, DEUTERONOMY 24:16 portrays four separate POV’s: A female fighter with too

Total votes: 181
River's End

A visual and musical celebration of the Saint-Lawrence River.Une célébration visuelle et musicale du fleuve Saint-Laurent.

Total votes: 141
The Last Cowboy

The Last Cowboy is a visual document captured on the paved highways through the windshield of an 18-wheeled big rig.

Total votes: 482
Finding the Aj Goddard : A Tale of Modern Day Discovery

Doug Davidge spent 19 years and a small fortune hunting for the sunken wreck of the A.J. Goddard, a Gold Rush era sternwheeler.

Total votes: 187

Joyce, a home-care provider is torn apart between her work and home life.

Total votes: 177
The Little Princess of Cebu

A 16 month old girl decides to leave America to become the self-appointed princess of Cebu, Philippines to escape capitalism.

Total votes: 477

Antithesis is a visual exploration of a woman’s experience of memory associated with the house she walks through.

Total votes: 202
Death In Vancity

A couple of young wannabe gangsters enter the drug game in the hopes of emulating the things they've seen in the movies and in the hip-hop videos, only to re

Total votes: 211
The Layover

A flight attendant on a layover in Toronto meets an aspiring life coach, sparking a debate about social issues, Millennial angst and more as he shows her aro

Total votes: 154
About inverted maps and problems of those who used to be my friends

An unexpected telephone conversation between two brothers, they talk about the arbitrariness of life and how selfish is to raise a human child.

Total votes: 197
Rejected: Connect (129 pgs w/AuthorInfo)

A 19-year-old want-to-be artist discovers a disturbing secret kept by his mother and searches for meaning in New York City.

Total votes: 310
A Dance for G. KNIGHT

A Dance for G.Knight is a collaborative work between Miles Greenberg, dancer/choreographer and G.Knight, artist that attempts to highlight the interaction of

Total votes: 292
The Observer Effect

A student facing difficult choices about his future gets mixed up in a dangerous time travel experiment.

Total votes: 544
Good Night

A post-apocalyptic zombie survivors short film

Total votes: 247
Kiss and Tell

A mob boss gets taken by his mistress and her lover.

Total votes: 186
The Wolves Beyond The Timber

When Madeline finds herself at the mercy of a mysterious cult, the 'Strangers', she must prove how far she is willing to fall in order to save her sick siste

Total votes: 295
Lost Soul

As the music is at the heart of LOST SOUL project, for the first time Quebec, Anik Jean and her musicians will play the soundtrack 'LIVE' during the projecti

Total votes: 194


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