Amir, a young musician retired from the scene, must face a tough decision: To stay by Ely's side, his girlfriend, during an unwanted pregnancy or Jeanette, c

Total votes: 75476

Poster Bzzz
Total votes: 5204
The guest/ La huésped

"Tengo miedo de estar vivo, sin ser co

Total votes: 4699
Immigration Reform: Freedom has no price

Immigration Reform: Freedom has no price, directed by Alberto Solalinde is a story related by the Worldwide defender of Human Rights of migrants Father Solal

Total votes: 2536
Omen Birds

Omen of the birds is a profound reflection on the way we inhabit the world.

Total votes: 2372
The Life We Have Chosen

Sara loses his parents, which forces her to go to a corner of prostitution,where she meets Marcela, a transgender woman.

Total votes: 3352
"The Price of a Dream"

Local legend comes to the U.S.

Total votes: 1073
The Guest

"I am afraid to be alive, without being aware of it…", this idea will turn upside down the existence of Genaro Basurto, a 45 year old bank employee whose lif

Total votes: 1171

The path Bruno has been driving for over 10 hours, slowly becomes tedious and strange each passing mile, causing his memories and sub-conscious to betray him

Total votes: 4229
Sho-Shan and the Dark Lady

This is an adaptation of the Mexican book of the same name about LUISA, a four year old girl with ASPERGER SYNDROME, who is accused of murdering of her best

Total votes: 1006
Antes que se tire la sal / Spilling Salt
Bolivia the country that gave birth to capitalism, holds a sea of salt, the heart of the spirit of the earth "Pachamama&
Total votes: 6373
Diary of a misfit

A psychotic hermit obsessed with a Mexican soap opera actress, creates a parallel world in his mind where he is her husband and the father of her unborn daug

Total votes: 8103
Little Star

In an ordinary town, a little girl transcends through her fragile life in spite of the petty relationship with the only person she knows, her mother.

Polvo de Esterllas - Little Star
Total votes: 2365

Sister Maria, an

Total votes: 4134
Ale (18) and Rocio’s (13) relationship is faced with the greatest challenge possible when their mother is imprisoned under dubious charges.
Total votes: 5344
The Most Amazing

Total votes: 1553

Joel (32) lives with his mother, Luisa, a successful neurosurgeon with whom he has a dysfunctional relationship.

Total votes: 1885
Mi Sangre Enarbolada (A Family Love Story)

Total votes: 7938

Galactica follows 5 astronauts landing on planet Earth to encourage the human race to face their biggest problems.  It Is Time To Change they sing:&nbsp

Total votes: 2046

Echoes" is the story of Sergio a 14 year old boy who is bullied by hi

Echoes Shortfilm of Bullying and Domestic Violence.
Total votes: 2306
24° 51’ Latitud Norte

Latitud Norte
Total votes: 2491
Rains / Llueve

On the day Hec

Total votes: 3172

"In all Latin American pre-Hispanic beliefs, as well as in many contemporary religions, such as the Catholic, the Jewish

Total votes: 2921

The Mariachi group, Tierras Rojas, leave their small town for the first time to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Total votes: 1462
Entre lo sagrado y lo profano (Between sacred and profane)

Documentary film that takes a visual and anthropological journey through man's spirit across the thin line dividing excessive faith in religious believes

Total votes: 4556
Feel da Reggae (Feel da Reggae)

Feel da Reggae story Viento Roots Monterrey independent music group that transcending dreams reggae music in Mexico.

Total votes: 1667
Eagle Knight

Coming of age story about 3 young friends who have to decide the road each lives will take.

Total votes: 54

The Moirae are at the table, in front of them lies a great banquet.

Total votes: 138
The wild dance - La danza de las fieras

THE WILD DANCE is a feature film made with the purpose to create awareness and generate reflections, debates and actions that can help prevent human traffick

The wild dance - La danza de las fieras
Total votes: 1004
Eight out of ten

Aurelio and Citlali meet in a cheap hotel in the center Mexico City during the darkest time of their lives.

Total votes: 607

An aspiring conservative politician attempts to run for office whilst avoiding dealing with gun violence and personal tragedy in the age of right-wing media.

Total votes: 949
Build Ramps Not Walls

Build Ramps Not Walls (BRNW) documents a project that began with a tight knit Mexican and American skate community on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.

Total votes: 2987

Carmen, a young actress, is trapped between the love she feels for Pablo and her marriage with Joaquín, Pablo's best friend.

Total votes: 674
About Family

A family gathers and sells waste. One day, the mother finds a cylinder in an abandoned hospital and takes it home.

Total votes: 1026
After Blue

We are more than we perceive. Energy made visible when death stares at us up close.

Total votes: 684
A step outside your Mind

This is the story of Billie's love story ( told by Kathryn Hunter ).

Total votes: 892
The Thunder Feast

At San Juan de la Vega, a modest town, the Delegate is the only legal authority and stays permanently worried about the peril the Carnival brings wit

Total votes: 1066
Songs of Wild Animals

Songs of Wild Animals is the story of a young girl who lost her brother, best friend and mentor. With a lot of fantasy she rel

Total votes: 6600
La Cocina de Las Patronas

"The kitchen of the Patrons".

Total votes: 1345


1. Synopsis of the documentary "Humboldt in Mexico. The gaze  of the Explorer ".


Total votes: 1453
The Wild Dance

Human Trafficking affects you too...

Total votes: 1404

Él y Ella tienen una buena vida, ¿pero a cambio de qué?

Total votes: 1282


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