ANSWER ME, it is a metaphor that revolves around four essential points, Time, Death, Love and Technology.

Total votes: 662

Shi is trapped inside of herself, as a protection from her inescapable reality.

Total votes: 1115

Ruben, his sister and the village priest prepare an exorcism to free their nephew from his unnatural tendencies.

Total votes: 452

In El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in the world, a humble group of rescue workers, with almost no funds, help save people's lives.

Total votes: 232

The wrongly-termed Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) left more than a million dead and over 500 thousand refugees, of which some 20 thousand are taken in by Mexi

Total votes: 507
Border Psycho

Two young accidentally discovered the work of a psychopath criminal.

Total votes: 369

In Mexico 70 % of street dogs (14,000,000) used to be pets, they were abandoned.

Total votes: 131

Music and dance documentary about the 'Hi-NRG' (High Energy) subculture in Mexico City.

Total votes: 522
John Death

John Death, the grim reaper, tries to have a normal life among the living, but he can't get rid of his powers and on each of his adventures he causes someone

Total votes: 383

Ana, a mysterious nurse, is hired to care for Oli, an old terminally ill.

Total votes: 283
The Art of Creation

17 year old aspiring filmmaker Felix Gomez is in the process of creating a short documentary about the passion for creation and the beauty of art.

Total votes: 188
Sister water

Three students are summoned by their teacher for a night class at a solitary campus...

Total votes: 283
'I Don't Need' - by Millones

A 360º music video that immerse us in the story of a guy stuck on an his old love.

Total votes: 288
Mission Pakal to Mars

An actress accidentally ends up in a room with a weird group of women claiming to be travelling in a secret high-tech space device to Mars.An incredible miss

Total votes: 298
The Play

Kim –an experience actress, but who just recently transitioned from man to woman- is struggling to play her first female role on stage.

Total votes: 195
Im Free

21 days of continuos laughter

Total votes: 275
Never More: The story of New's Divin

In 2008, a new unified police force was created in Mexico City.

Total votes: 255
The last suit

Fermin comes back from the dead to see the city one last time in company of his good friend Nico, the tailor who will make the suite for his own funeral.

Total votes: 298

A drama about a young man and his desire of killing himself.

Total votes: 349
Dawn at Night

What would you do if you found out your neighbor was hiding something horrible?

Total votes: 361
Suicidal Blood

A group of police going in search of a serial killer, to discover several deaths.

Total votes: 352


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