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Dogs' Breakfast


Blackmailed by dirty cops, rookie thieves Nathan and Jeff are send to steal a briefcase from a warehouse. But what seems to be an easy mission to avoid jail, unleashes their worst nightmares from the underworld of crime.

Information for the Audience: 

Dogs' Breakfast is a dynamic, agile, fast-paced comedy-crime film.


The best way to learn how to make a film, is making a film. That's the starting point for "Dogs' Breakfast". I shot it in 13 days, during the winter's break while studying my Master's Degree in Sydney, Australia. I used school's equipment. I did everything: the script, produced it, directing, catering, cinematography, direct sound, production design, color grading,  postproduction, etc. The idea was to learn, and it has been that way.


Instead of spending months or years trying to raise the money (no one gives a bunch of money to a first-timer, right?), I did it at the heat of the moment, in an unconventional way. So, with little money I did the biggest movie I could.


I wrote a character-driven story, I made sure the actors understood their roles, I shot fast with whatever was available. At the end, making a ultra-low-budget, self-financed movie has the advantage of having absolute creative freedom.


Back in Mexico, while color grading, my friend Sal Alatriste did all the sound design and music. I must say, sounds with power. At the end of January 2015, year and a half later after principal photography, "Dogs' Breakfast" was completed. It is now part of the Official Competition section at Guadalajara Film Festival 2015, it was screened at the "Semana del Cine" in Querétaro, Mexico last August and will be at Fine Arts Film Festival competing at the Best First Feature Section at Dominican Republic. Best $5,000 I've ever spent.


-Rich Valverde

Screenings / Awards: 

Guadalajara International Film Festival 2015 - Official Selection

Queretaro, Cine Mexicano en tu Ciudad 2015 -  Selected Screening

Fine Arts Film Festival, Dominican Republic, October 2015 - Nominated for Best First Film

Information for theatres: 

Student Project (during Preproduction and production)

Completition date: February 2015

Shooting Format: HD Digital

Master Quicktime: Apple Pro Res HQ 1920x1080, 24p, 5.1 Dolby Digital


Aspect Ratio: 1.85 (Letterbox)

First Feature Film

No-budget film, No-crew film

85 minutes

Total votes: 8819