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The Thunder Feast


At San Juan de la Vega, a modest town, the Delegate is the only legal authority and stays permanently worried about the peril the Carnival brings within. Living on the other side of the tracks is José, an enthusiast of detonating homemade bombs with his gang before and during Shrove Tuesday. Saul, a devotee who has led for decades the pilgrimage of San Juanito, the patron saint, represents the third party in discord. The five-day feast brings joy and abundance to the community, but it also carries a threat that each year gets closer to a breaking point that would have fatal consequences. Faith and danger dance closely together in this deeply Mexican ritual.

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Screenings / Awards: 

Cronograf Film Festival XIV

Guanajuato International Film Festival

Oaxaca FilmFest

Morelia International Film Festival

New Orleans Film Festival

Black Canvas Contemporary Cinema Film Festival

DocsMX Festival

Ícaro Guatemala Film Festival

Directed by: 
Santiago Maza
Writing credits: 
Santiago Maza
Produced by: 
Santiago Maza, Juan Sarquis, Gonzalo Álvarez
Music by: 
Moises Horta
Cinematography by: 
Raymundo Marmolejo, Rashid Makhlouf & Branko Gómez Palacio
Film Editing by: 
Branko Gómez Palacio & Sebastián Nuño
Release Date: 
Saturday, January 28, 2017
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Total votes: 1100