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"In all Latin American pre-Hispanic beliefs, as well as in many contemporary religions, such as the Catholic, the Jewish and the Muslim, it is stated that when a person dies his soul travels or returns to another world. Based on these beliefs I imagine that the souls, as well as traveling to the underworld, may also return to the world of the living. It is in this sense that "They can't kill us", "No grave can hold us down", death is only a "Soul Shakedown": End and beginning of our infinite spiritual swirl". 

English subtitle: 
Information for the Audience: 

Director: Felix Farmer

Writer: Felix Farmer

Producer: Felix Farmer

Key Cast: Gabriela Lara, Gizeth Galatea, Aldo Reyes.


Screenings / Awards: 

Orlando Urban Film And Music Festival, 2015

Total votes: 2598

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