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The Curtain


Two hospitalized strangers develop an unlikely friendship by revealing painful, intimate details about their lives through the safety and anonymity of the room’s curtain divider. They bond through grief and humour, encouraging one another to make brave choices that hold personal consequences.

Information for the Audience: 

Directors: Crystal Lowe
Writers: Brenda Whitehall (screenplay/story), Lynda Finch (story)
Producers: Ashley Alexander, Crystal Lowe
Key cast: Allyson Grant, Adrian Neblett, Albert Nicholas, Giles Panton, Sarah Dawn Pledge, Susan Puno, Sheila Tyson


Information for theatres: 

Student project: No
Completion date: 2017-08-07
Shooting format: RED
Aspect ratio: 2.35 SCOPE
Film color: Color
First-time filmmaker: Yes

Total votes: 157