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The Last Walk


The Last Walk is a collection of three works of short fiction stitched together to tell stories that highlight the common experiences Indigenous People have undertaken in each filmmaker’s specific home region. 


The stories take place in these select unforgiving arctic regions of the circumpolar north, where indigenous communities work to maintain a strong cultural connection to the land and animals. 


This project is a storytelling initiative that tries to highlight the struggle indigenous peoples of the circumpolar North face - walking in two worlds, and highlight the importance and healing power our traditional ways of life. 


The films follow two sisters for whom past events have torn their close relationship apart. Many years after being separated through tragic events, they journey to find answers as a mysterious being influences their path.

English subtitle: 
Screenings / Awards: 

BerlinaleNATIVe and European Film Market 2017

imagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival 2017 (World Premiere)

Red Nation Film Festival - Award Winner for Best Short 2017 (Los Angeles Premiere)

Yellowknife International Film Festival - Audience Choice Award Winner 2017

Nuuk International Film Festival, Greenland 2017

Arctic Arts Summit - Norway 2017

Skabmagovat - Finland 2017

Dreamspeakers Film Festival 2017

The 2017 Native Voices Film Festial 2017

Arctic Moving Image Film Festival 2017

Directed by: 
Jerri Thrasher Anna Hoover Pipaluk Jorgensen Johannes Lynge
Writing credits: 
Jerri Thrasher Anna Hoover Pipaluk Jorgensen Johannes Lynge
Tiffany Ayalik, Inukshuk McKay, Marika Cockney and Nivi Pedersen
Produced by: 
Big Soul Productions Artless Collective Karitas Productions
Film Editing by: 
Karitas Productions Big Soul Productions Artless Collective
Release Date: 
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Official website:
Total votes: 935