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la bombe


Jim, a handsome young student, finds himself trapped on the university rooftop by his girlfriend and a group of her friends. This hard-hitting short film explores the pervasive and destructive impact of sexual violence.

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La bombe is the story of a young man whose only wrong is that he is a beautiful creature. He is trapped in the

jungle of female desires. His lover Tina embodies the darkness of dirt and idleness. Indeed, she is playing a game

that will endanger Jim's purity. La bombe is shocking and subversive in its exploration of both power and genderthe

one unable to control her sexuality and fantasy is the woman and her victim is a man, a healthy young man.


The view of Paris is not only visually captivating, it also sets the characters in a bourgeois scenery. They are educated

young people, most probably part of the French « elite ». They are on the rooftop of Sorbonne University, in the

heart of Paris: a cultural temple wherein centuries of knowledge have fourished. Many French flmmakers have

depicted sexual violence as a banlieu's feature: poor immigrants leaving to the periphery of the capital's rich

districts are the main actors and the dark night strengthens the plot. In la bombe, it's different.


The treatment is intentionally soft and light. Our eyes caress Jim's face and we feel not yet compassion but share

the girls' craving to collide with him. The shots are graceful and objectify Jim, as if in a perfume commercial. The

dream comes true on a roof. Out of this world. Above it, more precisely. And the dream has the wrong ending.

Humiliation is the truth that he will have to face, that we all have to face, since Jim is a boy. Indeed, Jim is not the

expected character as a victim of rape. Rape is shown in a different light with a different favour.


La bombe is a drama, handling a diffcult subject matter. Sexual violence is not only absurd and ludicrous, it also

has a deeply destructive effect on both the victims and the perpetrators. The game is harmful and perverse, as it

severely disconnects people from love, from their peers and from their hopes. It is not worth any product being

sold. It is not worth any effciency gain if the mean wrecks dignity. La bombe sings the sudden and irrecoverable

cracking between two human beings who happen to be male and female, loaded with fragile feelings.

Screenings / Awards: 

Nomination at the Berlin Music Video Awards 2017


Directed by: 
Clémence Demerliac & ZOU
Writing credits: 
Cyril Crampon ZOU Snezana Radisavljevic Muriel Lemarquand Szandra Deaki Delphine Bronzi Clémence Brodin Inci Seyrek Paul Prulière
Music by: 
Cinematography by: 
Anne-Angèle Bertoli
Film Editing by: 
Margerie Argentin & ZOU
Costume Design by: 
Sonia Kim
Makeup Department: 
Production Management: 
Cyril Levy, Masi Diakanua, Raphaëlle Dannus
Other crew: 
Maxime Eraux - Cameraman Teddy Ajolet - Focus puller Brice Tupin - Gaffer Julien Loferon - Grip on set Cedric Lemonnier - Grip in house Julien von Schultzendorff - Grading artist Björn Eichborn - Music producer Christopher Bliss - Sound designer
Release Date: 
Friday, May 19, 2017
Total votes: 11078