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This is a tale where the borders between the worlds had vanished into one person.

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Information for the Audience: 

The short music film "CLOSER" collected elements of the Russian national and Mari folklore. We wanted to show the beautiful side of the untouched forests and nature of Mari El Republic not only from the wonderful side but also from the mystical, charming position. To give the story truly horror and fantasy atmosphere we tried to place real elements of the mari people folklore. We've been looking locations that have a stories and tales behind. Locations that would dive anyone into the plot. For example the scene on the Kuz Er lake in National Park "Mari Chodra" the forester and local people around told us that at evenings strangers and tourists could hear the mermaids singing. By this debut short music film I wanted to show how is important to keep save the nature and remember the cultural source that is getting weaker everyday.


Directed by: 
Andrew Ogorodnikov
Writing credits: 
Andrew Ogorodnikov
Andrew Ogorodnikov, Nelly Mingazowa, Alexander Zakharov, Katya Aymetova, Catherine Kolevatova, Olga Klyucheva, Andrey Polkanov, Evgeny Smirnov, Anastasia Mikhailova, Yuri Zhirov
Produced by: 
Andrew Ogorodnikov
Music by: 
Andrew Ogorodnikov
Cinematography by: 
Oleg Khoroshavin
Film Editing by: 
Andrew Ogorodnikov, Oleg Khoroshavin
Costume Design by: 
Tatiana Ogorodnikova
Makeup Department: 
Anna Petrova
Other crew: 
Visual Effects: Dmitry Novikov, Dmitry Ivanov, Yaroslav Danilov, Andrew Ogorodnikov, Maxim Tsukanov. Hairstylist: Maria Prozorova Make-up and Hair Assistant: Yuliya Zvereva Sound Mixing and Foley: Andrew Ogorodnikov, Yuri Zhirov Color Grading: Dmitry Novikov, Andrey Gordeyev Additional Aerial Shooting: Marat Khusnullin Stunt Coordinators: Igor Mikhailov, Alina Petrova, Danila Romanyuk, Anna Vakhotina Underwater Unit: Oleg Khoroshavin, Pavel Lapshin, Artem Kirillov, Maxim Guryanov
Release Date: 
Monday, February 13, 2017
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