Eclectic students and faculty from all over the planet meet at one of the the world's top industrial design school in Scandinavia's faraway north just below

Total votes: 4091
All The World in a Desing School

Eclectic students and faculty from all over the planet meet at one of the the world's top industrial design school in Scandinavia's faraway north just below

Total votes: 3772
Decode 2018 crop circle messages

See what was revealed in 2018' first 9 crop circles. and how we decoded them.

Total votes: 840
Good Thinking, Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons

Feature Length documentary about those who've tried to halt nuclear weapons.

Total votes: 2335
Target of Opportunity: The US Navy SEALs and the Murder of Jennifer Evans

An ambitious, driven young man with a history of violence and substance abuse falsely enlist in the US Navy to become a SEAL without telling the Navy about h

Total votes: 982
Red Forest Hotel

It's the new China, launching green initiatives and opening doors for international press, until Western journalist tries to uncover the links between the Ch

Total votes: 2777
The Activists: War, Peace, and Politics in the Streets

This film chronicles the lives of activists in the United States who opposed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11.

Total votes: 502
The Jackson 5... Million

Winner of Best Documentary Feature Award at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival.

Total votes: 3038
The Haldimand Press: 149 and Counting

A short documentary about The Haldimand Press, a locally owned and operated weekly newspaper that has been in existence since 1868.

Total votes: 566
January, an Invention of the Year 2016

'January, an Invention of the year 2016' is one of the 12 shorts films that will compose Jean Seban's next feature about time 'Ganga 2019'.

Total votes: 669
December, an Invention of the Year 2016

The last month of my father's life.

Total votes: 585
November, an Invention of the Year 2015

A film about Paris attacks, and about time,...

Total votes: 563
Democracy Through the Looking Glass: Media & Politics in the Post-truth Era

What starts out as a fun story about a citizen who manages to get himself embedded with the media covering the 2016 presidential campaigns, turns into an eye

Total votes: 569
Future of Fitness: How Technology is Reshaping the Human Body

Inventor/teacher Sebastian Lagree investigates whether technology and fitness should merge.

Total votes: 869
The Pillars of Heaven

Documentary Film 'The Pillars of Heaven'A young and disillusioned British diplomat abandons his diplomatic career, spends his own money, and risks his very l

Total votes: 717
The Jackstones

When it comes to news about the state of coral reef worldwide, it’s rarely good.

Total votes: 518
Don't Forget Us

An eleven year old girl creates a short film about how kids feel about the actions and reactions of the adults around them during the 2016 Presidential elect

Total votes: 503
King In The Mountain

King In The Mountain is a documentary about the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania.

Total votes: 848
Back to Natural: A Documentary Film

Natural hair is not a fad; it's a birthright. Find your freedom.

Total votes: 660
From: Manzanar - To: the Divided States of America

Wrongs to be set right, World War II Japanese internment camps predict the dark future of our current path.

Total votes: 1078
Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting

'Finish Line: The Rise and Demise of Off-Track Betting' is the only documentary film to tell the story of the defunct OTB system in New York, and show why it

Total votes: 523
Swing State - feature film

A bohemian Seattle DJ uses his on-air charisma to create a fictitious conservative radio personality becoming an overnight sensation.

Total votes: 642
The Nuclear Family

Ari M. Beser is the grandson of Lt. Jacob Beser, the only U.S. serviceman aboard both atomic bomb-carrying B-29s.

Total votes: 644

Narrated by Emmy-award winning actor Brendan Gleeson, Atlantic follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities - in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland

Total votes: 928
Circus City, USA

There aren't many traditional traveling circuses left in America, but Hugo, Oklahoma is home to three of them.

Total votes: 527
Real Estate

Three twenty-somethings terrorise a suburb to drive down house prices.

Total votes: 539
The Law of the Blood

Stories of women involved in blood feuds in the North of Albania.

Total votes: 975
d e a f e n i n g s i l e n c e

'deafening silence' is a fusion of beauty and terror, observation and anger, roving visuals and intimate stories either funny, contemplative, or horrific --

Total votes: 738
Wings of the Dharma

The greatest journey begins deep within . From a place of compassion comes an astounding experience of love.

Total votes: 594
Nuclear Cattle

This is the story of innocent cattle farmers forced from the hills they’ve called home for decades due to the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear P

Total votes: 649
IN EVERYONE'S EYES (en todas las miradas)

A poetic and slyly subversive film about life in Cuba, where it's dangerous to speak openly against la Revolucion.

Total votes: 658
The Sun Is Rising (le soleil se leve)

Is there a key to talking about terror attacks?From naïveté to awareness, a man considers armed conflict and two terror attacks - in Ottawa and Paris.The sec

Total votes: 601
The Promised Band

A group of upstart women with dubious musical skills use a fake band as a cover story to cross forbidden borders into each other’s tangled lives in Israel an

Total votes: 971
3000 Faces

3000 Faces is the story of Jan Leighton, the most famous man nobody ever heard of.

Total votes: 685

Satirical News Magazine, Nitecap, investigates Leo Mann and his Intravaginal advertising agency.

Total votes: 626

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