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Sangre De Cristo


In this feature screenplay / TV pilot Old West gunslinger and bounty
hunter Jack Corbin loses his partner in an explosive opening scene gun
battle and is forced to take a job in Old Mexico in an attempt to
escape a gang of cutthroats that is hot on his trail.

He soon finds himself and his trustworthy dog (Blue) in the isolated
Mexican village of Sangre De Cristo where he quickly learns that his
mysterious employer is actually a Catholic priest and nothing about
this job is panning out to be what it had seemed.

Jack will need to kill a wealthy family of gun toting murders but
things quickly get turn from bad to ugly for our hero when he finds
out the hard way that they are actually a clan of blood thirsty
vampires. To add to this they are not only much stronger and faster
than he is but also outnumber him dramatically.

With the help of an old Indian shaman our hero learns to drink vampire
blood to quicken his own reflexes and heal his bullet wounds. The
downside of this trick is that he quickly becomes physically dependent
on the blood and finds himself unable to survive without it.

Together Jack, the shaman and a backstabbing Catholic priest form a
dangerous alliance to rid Sangre De Cristo once and for all of the
monsters that have been ruling the village for over 200 years.

The explosive war between humans and vampires leaves the village in
ruins and most of the inhabitants dead. In the process Jack and his
dog are converted into halflings (beings who drink vampire blood) and
must search out and kill more vampires just to survive.

Directed by: 
Pasquale and Steve Encell
Writing credits: 
Pasquale and Steve Encell
Release Date: 
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Total votes: 8356