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The Very Last Day

English subtitle: 


Information for the Audience: 

Written, Produced and Directed by Cédric Jouarie
編劇,製作人和導演 周雅立

Produced by Dan-Kee Chuang
製作人 莊丹琪

Executive Producers Sarah Kopp   William Lü   Margaret Wang
監製 Sarah Kopp   呂威聯   王宇婕

Wei-Yi Lin   Lawrence Ong   Heng-Yin Chou
林微弋   翁書強   周姮吟

With Hsiao-Lao Lin
也與 仰慕者
Introducing Xuan Zhang
特別介紹 張璿

Directed by: 
Cédric Jouarie
Writing credits: 
Cédric Jouarie
Wei-Yi Lin (Melanie) Lawrence Ong (Raymond) Heng-Yin Chou (Viola) Xuan Zhang (Millie)
Produced by: 
Cédric Jouarie Dan-Kee Chuang
Music by: 
Devin A. Wiley
Cinematography by: 
Kuan-Yu Chen
Film Editing by: 
Dario Rejeucci
Casting by: 
Yu-Kai Lin
Production Design by: 
Si-Hsuan Li
Costume Design by: 
Zora Wang
Release Date: 
Sunday, September 1, 2019
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